Throwback Theater


Maddy and Ryan have been making movies since they were teenagers. They continue to do so on a more professional level, as both of them now work in the media industry.

Those old movies they made still exist. There are a lot of them – And they are slowly making their way through them, re-watching them and laughing at themselves.

D-Men – A parody film of the X-Men in 2002, featuring bad costumes and stop animations.

D2: Enter the D-Men – The sequel to D-Men. Still bad costumes. Slightly worse camera. Super goth.

GENO: Terde – A GENO story Maddy wrote when she was 12 about a secret mission that forces the characters into tiny bathing suits and to flirt with each.

GENO: The Dating Game – A GENO story Ryan wrote when he was 14 about the agents dealing with their “tension” by going on an absurd date, featuring Yoshi’s.

Star Wars Fanfiction – In a living room far, far away… Two best friends unearth a Star Wars fanfiction, where Han is in danger, and it’s up to Ryan to save him.