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The Mutant Ages – FIXING X-Men: Apocalypse

What if X-Men: Apocalypse was actually GOOD?

Maddy and Ryan FIX the film “X-Men: Apocalypse” by re-writing the script into a tangible story with an actual plot.

Anyway hire us, Marvel.

Ryan TV – X-Men: Apocalypse Party 2016 (Tape RW-3)

Let’s throw a party for the APOCALYPSE.

The X-MEN Apocalypse!

Rewind to 2016, when Katie and Ryan hosted an X-Men themed party for X-Men: Apocalypse complete with decorations, figurines, and 95 degree weather. This re-upload brings together friends via the X-Men, with cameos of Mary Ellen, Ry T., and more!

The Mutant Ages – X-Men: The Animated Series – Come the Apocalypse

The “Come the Apocalypse” episode of X-Men: The Animated Series can’t possibly be canon. For starters, none of the X-Men remember Archangel, which contradicts future episodes. Meanwhile, Rogue and Mystique don’t recognize one another, either. In spite of this episode’s plot holes and multiple confusing fight scenes, Ryan and Maddy enjoyed it a lot… because they were laughing at it, not with it. If you want to see an episode of X-Men: TAS that deals with serious political themes, circle back to the episode previous to this one. “Come the Apocalypse” is just plain goofy.

X-Men Spotlight: Apocalypse

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The Mutant Ages – Professor Xavier is a JERK


Let Maddy and Ryan explain to you why, through this clip of the Mutant Ages!

The Mutant Ages – Callisto’s Morlock Dungeon

How did Callisto get footage of Cyclops fighting Sentinels? Who are all of these weirdly doodled Morlocks watching Callisto makes Cyclops her mate? There are SO MANY QUESTIONS — And somehow, this is a kid’s show.

Catch the full episode here!

The Mutant Ages – Wolverine & Sabretooth’s Sexy Wrestling

Are Wolverine and Sabretooth actually fighting? Or are they ex-boyfriends battling out their past grudges by having skin tight sexy wrestling matches on the X-Mansion floor? Only Ryan and Maddy know on the Mutant Ages!

Gargoyles and X-Men CLASH in our upcoming Podcast!

What happens when Disney’s Gargoyles meets the X-Men? Tomorrow we are releasing the very first episode of our new podcast which focuses on just that — Massive self-insert fanfiction crossovers! Stay tuned tomorrow to learn more!

In the meantime, catch up in last week’s podcasts from Let’s Watch 2 Movies and The Mutant Ages, as they both recap Marvel related content — “Captain America: Civil War” and “The Unstoppable Juggernaut”!

The Mutant Ages – The Unstoppable Juggernaut

This week on Maddy and Ryan’s X-Men: The Animated Series rewatch, we meet Colossus, from Russia! You know he’s from Russia because he just can’t stop telling us that. We also meet the Juggernaut, who is the actual focus of this episode, not that we want him to be. Wolverine and Jubilee become besties with a killer sense of teamwork, but aside from that, this episode is a real snooze. Let us recap it for you (with jokes) so that you don’t have to watch it yourself, hm?

Spotlight X-Men: Colossus

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Mutant Ages will return Next Week!

Due to the holiday, there will be no new Mutant Ages this week. See you next week, or… See you X-TIME!!

The Mutant Ages – Xavier & Magneto’s Backstory

In this clip from Maddy and Ryan’s podcast, the Mutant Ages, Xavier reveals his secret backstory with Magneto, where they role-played being doctors, until they revealed to each other “their powers”.

Listen to the full show!