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The Mutant Ages – Professor Xavier is a JERK


Let Maddy and Ryan explain to you why, through this clip of the Mutant Ages!

The Mutant Ages – Callisto’s Morlock Dungeon

How did Callisto get footage of Cyclops fighting Sentinels? Who are all of these weirdly doodled Morlocks watching Callisto makes Cyclops her mate? There are SO MANY QUESTIONS — And somehow, this is a kid’s show.

Catch the full episode here!

The Mutant Ages – X-Men: The Animated Series – Captive Hearts

Finally, Storm gets to be in charge of the X-Men’s new mission in “Captive Hearts.” But first, she’ll have to endure Professor X being a huge jerk to her about her PTSD, to Maddy and Ryan’s chagrin. Is Professor X ever going to stop treating the X-Men like crap? Seriously, it’s like he can’t even hear us shouting at him through the screen! Anyway, this episode is all about the Morlocks, an “unsightly” band of mutants living in the New York City subway tunnels. They’re led by the nefarious and predatory Callisto, who kidnaps Cyclops and tries to make him her sex slave. This is a kids’ show, somehow.

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