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Let’s Watch 2 Movies – The Final Girls

After last week’s foray through The Cabin In The Woods, Maddy and Mary Ellen settle in to compare it with The Final Girls, a 2015 meta horror movie that also features five increasingly self-aware teens… plus five other teens who are stock horror movie foils. The Final Girls keeps it simple by navigating the virgin/whore dichotomy, the inherent limitations of the “final girl” narrative, and not much else. Unlike The Cabin In The Woods, The Final Girls doesn’t bite off more than it can chew. It’s not Maddy and Mary Ellen’s favorite movie of all time, but our intrepid co-hosts still think this movie hangs together a bit better than The Cabin In The Woods did.

Oh… and please don’t get it mixed up with that other 2015 movie called Final Girl. That movie looks bad.

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – The Final Girls Teaser


Let’s Watch 2 Movies takes on The Final Girls.