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Let’s Watch 2 Movies – Obvious Child

Maddy and Mary Ellen return, after a slightly longer wait than usual, to compare Obvious Child to The Big Sick! These two delightful romcoms both star comedians and share themes of communication and real-feeling experiences. But how realistic ARE these movies? Get ready for us to take straight men to task for not living up to the standards set by Kumail Nanjiani and Jake Lacy. But before all that, we kick off the pod by advocating abstinence and introducing our new show, the Pause Podcast. This sure is another episode of Let’s Watch 2 Movies!

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – The Big Sick

Maddy and Mary Ellen return with a new pairing: two romcoms about two comedians, starting with The Big Sick this week and Obvious Child next week. We loved this movie, and we spend a long time telling you why in this episode, but we also point to some of the criticisms written about it. One article that we refer to in the episode is Imran Siddiquee’s “Why Are Brown Men So Infatuated With White Women Onscreen?” (www.buzzfeed.com/imransiddiquee/w…Mv9aa#.gsnaVXWLL). Give that a read! Then circle back and listen to the rest of our analysis on how this movie navigates themes of forgiveness, learning how to communicate, and saying goodbye forever (but maybe not forever).

P.S. Maddy’s audio is kinda staticky at a couple points in this episode, and she did her best to edit around it. She should probably not have bought a used audio mixer on Amazon, but it was cheaper. Forgive us our empty wallets? Thanks <3

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