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Ryan TV – Vacation in Niantic, CT (Tape 22)

At the beginning of September, Ryan and Katie (And Lyra) joined a small group of friends down in Niantic, Connecticut, for a vacation right on the ocean.

This was their second year in this vacation spot, so they spiced things up with daily scavenger hunts and a fire pit out on the dock, where they roasted all kinds of food. The first couple of days were rainy and cloudy, but luckily they were equipped with puzzles, games and movies.

Another vacation, another Ryan and Katie adventure!

Ryan TV – Summer-izing Beach House (Tape 5)

[New Vlog] Ryan hit up his neighbor’s beach house to help get it ready for the summer, which meant more relaxation for him and Lyra!

Ryan TV – Putting in Beach House Dock (Tape 3)

[New Vlog] Short video of Ryan’s adventure with Steph putting in the dock at a beach house. You won’t really see any of that because Ryan didn’t hit record at the end apparently, but you WILL see Steph punching the camera and Ryan eating the ground trying to use the rope swing. So those two things are note-worthy.