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The Mutant Ages – Mr. Sinister & The Nasty Boyz

Introducing Sinister… MISTER Sinister.

AND his personal boy band “The Nasty Boyz”

Performing now at the Sinister Night Club.

Listen to the full episode here!

The Mutant Ages – Til Death Due Us Part (Part 2)

Welcome to the Mr. Sinister Show! Mwahahhaa!! Maddy and Ryan have a villain-packed episode for you this week. The second episode of season 2 of X-Men: The Animated Series is all about our favorite campy villain and his henchman, who call themselves The Nasty Boys. This episode has some serious moments, but it’s mostly goofy and delightful — and the queer subtext is barely subtext at this point. It’s just text.

X-MEN SPOTLIGHT: The Nasty Boys!

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Insomniacs in the Morning – Episode 44


Join Maddy and Ryan as they wake up, drink coffee, trade recipes & work out tips, and talk geek!

This week: Carrie Fisher, Star Wars: Rogue One, Inhumans vs. X-Men, Pokemon GO new Pokemon, throwback to The Santa Claus & more!!

Question of the Week: What is your favorite Star Wars film?

Work Out Tips:
Maddy – P90X short videos
Ryan – Power-Walking when you wake up

Maddy – Pancakes with fruit
Ryan – Rice, Veggies, Chicken & Spices!

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:05 – Intro

:50 – Atomic Blue Updates
Throwback Theater – The Dating Game
Maddy & Ryan Eat A Pizza
Let’s Watch 2 Movies – Hulk Movies

4:40 – Work Outs
Ryan – Power-Walking when you wake up
Maddy – P90X short videos

11:00 – X-Men News
Richard E. Grant is NOT playing Mr. Sinister (DISSAPOINTING)
Inhumans Vs. X-Men 0 & 1
Ryan Reynolds wants Deadpool to have a boyfriend

18:14 – Star Wars News
Carrie Fisher Death
Star Wars: Rogue One Review
Star Wars: Rebels mid-season trailer hype (SABINE)

42:52 – Throwback: The Santa Claus

49:15 – Reader Mail
Favorite Star Wars Film

58:29 – Recipes
Ryan – Rice, Veggies, Chicken and Spices
Maddy – Pancakes with fruit

1:01:45 – Closer