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The Mutant Ages – Mr. Sinister & The Nasty Boyz

Introducing Sinister… MISTER Sinister.

AND his personal boy band “The Nasty Boyz”

Performing now at the Sinister Night Club.

Listen to the full episode here!

Warcraft Valley – Episode 3 – Here Come the X-Men!

The time has come… The X-Men are here!

Well. Some of them at least.

As we dive further into Katie and Ryan’s fanfiction universe they wrote as teenagers, we meet the X-Men. This is the start of a long landslide of Warcraft Valley becoming mostly an X-Men fanfiction intertwining with other universes. All of the women are in charge, and all of the men cry and have relationships with each other. In this, Wolverine gets sick “for the first time” and sobs about it, Goliath gets a procedure below the belt that takes up at least 5 pages, Cyclops is into some weird kinky stuff with Jean behind closed doors, and Poochy’s a doctor who refuses to give any actual diagnoses or is useful in any kind of way.

There are marriages, life or death situations, cameos by characters who may have been made up on the spot, renaissance fairs, and lots of gruff men crying.

Welcome back to Warcraft Valley!

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The Mutant Ages – X-Men 2000 Announcement!

We have a very special episode of The Mutant Ages coming out this Thursday – Maddy and Ryan review X-Men (2000) with guest star Mary Ellen, from Let’s Watch 2 Movies!

The Mutant Ages – The Archangel Monologues


This excerpt is from a piece we call “The Archangel Monologues”, performed by Maddy and Ryan on their podcast, the Mutant Ages.

Archangel is a fallen death angel, an empty shell of who he was. We know because we read his online blog.

The Mutant Ages – FIXING X-Men: Apocalypse

What if X-Men: Apocalypse was actually GOOD?

Maddy and Ryan FIX the film “X-Men: Apocalypse” by re-writing the script into a tangible story with an actual plot.

Anyway hire us, Marvel.

Ryan TV – X-Men: Apocalypse Party 2016 (Tape RW-3)

Let’s throw a party for the APOCALYPSE.

The X-MEN Apocalypse!

Rewind to 2016, when Katie and Ryan hosted an X-Men themed party for X-Men: Apocalypse complete with decorations, figurines, and 95 degree weather. This re-upload brings together friends via the X-Men, with cameos of Mary Ellen, Ry T., and more!

The Mutant Ages – X-Men: The Animated Series – Come the Apocalypse

The “Come the Apocalypse” episode of X-Men: The Animated Series can’t possibly be canon. For starters, none of the X-Men remember Archangel, which contradicts future episodes. Meanwhile, Rogue and Mystique don’t recognize one another, either. In spite of this episode’s plot holes and multiple confusing fight scenes, Ryan and Maddy enjoyed it a lot… because they were laughing at it, not with it. If you want to see an episode of X-Men: TAS that deals with serious political themes, circle back to the episode previous to this one. “Come the Apocalypse” is just plain goofy.

X-Men Spotlight: Apocalypse

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Gargoyles and X-Men CLASH in our upcoming Podcast!

What happens when Disney’s Gargoyles meets the X-Men? Tomorrow we are releasing the very first episode of our new podcast which focuses on just that — Massive self-insert fanfiction crossovers! Stay tuned tomorrow to learn more!

In the meantime, catch up in last week’s podcasts from Let’s Watch 2 Movies and The Mutant Ages, as they both recap Marvel related content — “Captain America: Civil War” and “The Unstoppable Juggernaut”!

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – Captain America: Civil War

Much like Batman v Superman, Captain America: Civil War feels stuck in 2016. Remember a year ago, when Steve Rogers’ mistrust of institutions made sense but it still seemed like he was taking it a bit too far? Now it’s 2017, and Maddy and Mary Ellen can totally see his side. We just want to run away with our brainwashed boyfriend Bucky and escape all of this.

This episode is long. Do we need to keep saying that? Anyway, tune in as Maddy spends way too much time talking about all the Avengers comics she has read, and Mary Ellen talks about the tiny personal moments in this film that make it more emotionally accessible than Batman v Superman.

Lastly, here’s the essay that Maddy mentions during an aside in the episode: sublimezoo.com/2016/05/17/black-…-death-civil-war/

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The Mutant Ages – X-Men: The Animated Series – Captive Hearts

Finally, Storm gets to be in charge of the X-Men’s new mission in “Captive Hearts.” But first, she’ll have to endure Professor X being a huge jerk to her about her PTSD, to Maddy and Ryan’s chagrin. Is Professor X ever going to stop treating the X-Men like crap? Seriously, it’s like he can’t even hear us shouting at him through the screen! Anyway, this episode is all about the Morlocks, an “unsightly” band of mutants living in the New York City subway tunnels. They’re led by the nefarious and predatory Callisto, who kidnaps Cyclops and tries to make him her sex slave. This is a kids’ show, somehow.

Spotlight X-Men: Callisto

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