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AMEN – CT DNB / March 2017 feat. JOHN B, Metafish, Dig Doug & The ART

Last night’s AMEN at Pacific Standard Tavern was on fire! The building was shaking, the bass was blasting, and the vibe was intense and overall awesome.

As always, thank you Love Tribe for letting Atomic Blue be part of your production!

Photography by Ryan Pagella.

Heady CT – September 2016 – Event Music Video

Art is the third eye into our souls.

Here is our latest video from Love Tribe‘s monthly event, HEADY, at Pacific Standard Tavern.

Heady is a monthly happening in New Haven CT hosted by Awake, Love Tribe & Mizeyesis that combines music, art, & cultural consciousness.

Heady & Evidence of Evil presents Night of Nightmares


We must embrace the darkness to truly appreciate the light…

It’s our favorite time of the year – Monsters, haunted houses, and Halloween.

Love Tribe and Evidence of Evil are teaming up to bring a two-day festival celebrating our friends that lurk in the dark and haunt our nightmares for a special 2-Day event situated on Crown Street in New Haven, Connecticut, on October 7th and 8th. The demons will be crawling out of a gate to Hell located in Pacific Standard Tavern. There will be specials at the bars on Crown Street, music, monster FX artists available to bring out your inner monster, and a special auditory scare experience presented by Evidence of Evil.

A portion of the proceeds from Nights of Nightmares will be donated to ST. JUDE’S CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL.

You can find the events for both Friday and Saturday on Facebook.

We will be providing photo and video for this event.

Dress in your finest Hellish attire and join us this October.

Heady CT – September 2016

Atomic Blue Productions is teamed up with Love Tribe and Awake Productions for this September’s Heady.

Heady brings together music and art every month at Pacific Standard Tavern! This month features DJs Mizeyesis, Meszenjah, Slav, On & On, and DJ Knowledge. There will also be live painters, artisans and a gallery opening by Casey Roche.

Click here to see last months Heady!