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Infected Mushroom at Webster Theater (Tape 1)

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Insomniacs in the Morning – Episode 34

Join Maddy and Ryan as they wake up, drink coffee, trade recipes & work out tips, and talk geek!

This week: Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary, Resident Evil 7, Pokemon GO, Pokemon Generations, X-Men: Apocalypse Deleted Mall Scene, Michael Fassbender on his performance as Magneto, Shrek, and vacation recipes & work outs.

Question of the Week: What is your dream vacation?

Work Out Tips:
Ryan & Maddy – Vacation Work Out Tips

Ryan: Double Cheeseburgers (Vegetarian Style)
Maddy: Classic Hot Dog

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:05 – Intro

2:13 – Vacation Stories

10:18 – Evidence of Evil at Horrorfest

13:30 – Kalomo Jordan’s Art Gallery Opening at Tisane

17:26 – Work Out Tips
How to Work Out while on Vacation

20:43 – Pokemon GO Update – Pokemon Buddy

23:41 – Pokemon Generations

25:08 – Resident Evil 7 Trailer + Demo Update

29:05 – X-Men Apocalypse Deleted Scenes & Michael Fassbender on his Magneto Performance

36:02 – Star Trek 50th Anniversary

38:18 – Throwback: Shrek

47:08 – Reader Mail
What is your Dream Vacation?
Are Work Out Bands good to use?

53:08 – Recipes
Vacation Food – Grillin’
Maddy – Classic Hot Dog
Ryan – Vegetarian Double Cheeseburger

57:07 – Closer

Kalomo Jordan’s Art Gallery Opening at Tisane Euro-Asian Cafe

We attended Kalomo Jordan’s Art Opening at Tisane Euro-Asian Cafe in Hartford this past Friday!
Kalomo’s art is now featured – A mixture of black, golds and ancient art lines the walls of Tisane. We were also treated by special house set by Kalomo himself.

Along with the gallery is a signature drink, “The Kalomotion”

Kalomo Jordan Art Opening at Tisane


We will be attending Kalomo Jordan’s Art Opening at Tisane in Hartford on Friday, September 2nd 2016! Kalomo will be spinning a special house set along with Tisane’s Sobi.

Join us for a drink – The signature drink of the night will be the Kalomotion – And dance to some awesome house music!