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Ryan TV – Friday the 13th Special at Evidence of Evil

“Come, dear. It’ll be easier for you than it was for Jason.”

This past weekend, Evidence of Evil held a special edition Friday the 13th version of the THE CHAMBER at Crystal Bees. The Chamber is a haunted house spliced with an escape room. The participants have 5 minutes to escape the room before the killer comes back for all of them.

In this edition, the killer was replaced by Jason Vorhees (With Pamela at the bar outside), the victims became campers, and they were joined by a happy-go-lucky camp counselor who didn’t seem at all worried about the sound of screams or the chainsaw from the woods.

Ryan works for Evidence of Evil in many different assets, and he takes us behind the scenes of this horrific escape room!

Ryan TV – The Chamber – Weekend 2 (Tape 20)

We got spooky inside of Evidence of Evil‘s second weekend of THE CHAMBER, a haunted escape room!

Ryan TV – CT HorrorFest 2016 (Tape RW-6)

How we escaped… THE CHAMBER.

Evidence of Evil has brought back THE CHAMBER, a haunted escape room, located at Crystal Bees in Southington, Connecticut!

THE CHAMBER first appeared at CT HorrorFest 2016. Ryan has been working with the Evidence of Evil team for several years, and last year he vlogged behind the scenes at the premiere of THE CHAMBER. We felt like it would be good to go back to it’s roots, and re-upload this old vlog in spirit of it’s second year running for the Halloween season.

Ryan TV – The Chamber- OPENING WEEKEND (Tape 19)

Can you escape… THE CHAMBER?

It’s October, which means Ryan is full on back into the haunt scene, working for Evidence of Evil in their HAUNTED ESCAPE ROOM at Crystal Bees, in Southington, Connecticut. This goes behind the scenes of their opening weekend. Ryan goes between playing a demonic entity and a victim in the Chamber. All those quick changes kept him on his toes.

If you would like to learn more about Evidence of Evil, or would even like to give this haunted escape room a try, visit http://evidenceofevil.net/

Ryan TV – CT Horrorfest 2017 – Zombie Laser Tag (Tape 17)


Ryan becomes part of the undead as a part of Evidence of Evil’s zombie laser tag at CT Horrorfest. See what the zombies are up to in between laser tag rounds.

Insomniacs in the Morning – Episode 37

Halloween & Ryan’s Birthday Special!!

Join Maddy and Ryan as they wake up, drink coffee, trade recipes & work out tips, and talk geek!

This week: Stranger Things, Scream TV Series, Independence Day: Resurgence, Haunted Houses, Favorite Horror Movies, Candy Survival Tips, Favorite Halloween Candy & More.

Question of the Week: What is your favorite Halloween movie?

Work Out Tips: Candy Survival Tips

Recipes: Favorite Halloween Candy

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:02 – Intro & Ryan’s Birthday

3:45 – Haunted Houses
Ryan & Maddy Building them as Teens
Haunted Graveyard
Evidence of Evil – “The Chamber”

19:06 – Let’s Watch 2 Movies – Maddy & Mary Ellen’s New Podcast

23:42 – Robot Knights Album

24:34 – Work Out Tips
How to burn off calories after a night full of eating candy
Best way to carry the most Halloween candy

32:10 – Vine Getting Shut Down

37:08 – Pokemon GO – Halloween Special

38:52 – Optimus Prime Brings Ryan A Birthday Present

42:25 – Stranger Things

53:52 – Independence Day: Resurgence

57:04 – Favorite Horror Movies (Also Reader Mail)
Ryan – Hellraiser & Scream
Maddy – House on Haunted Hill
How to be a Liberal dealing with your Non-Liberal Family on the Holidays
Favorite Classic Monster

1:12:13 – Favorite Halloween Candy
Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Kit Kats, Twix, and Milky Way Darks

1:15:39 – Closer

Heady – Night of Nightmares – October 2016

The team of Heady CT collaborated with creative minds of Evidence of Evil this past weekend at Pacific Standard Tavern for a two-night October/Halloween special.

Here is a glimpse into the weekend – Photography by Ryan Pagella of Atomic Blue Productions.

Insomniacs in the Morning – Episode 34

Join Maddy and Ryan as they wake up, drink coffee, trade recipes & work out tips, and talk geek!

This week: Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary, Resident Evil 7, Pokemon GO, Pokemon Generations, X-Men: Apocalypse Deleted Mall Scene, Michael Fassbender on his performance as Magneto, Shrek, and vacation recipes & work outs.

Question of the Week: What is your dream vacation?

Work Out Tips:
Ryan & Maddy – Vacation Work Out Tips

Ryan: Double Cheeseburgers (Vegetarian Style)
Maddy: Classic Hot Dog

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:05 – Intro

2:13 – Vacation Stories

10:18 – Evidence of Evil at Horrorfest

13:30 – Kalomo Jordan’s Art Gallery Opening at Tisane

17:26 – Work Out Tips
How to Work Out while on Vacation

20:43 – Pokemon GO Update – Pokemon Buddy

23:41 – Pokemon Generations

25:08 – Resident Evil 7 Trailer + Demo Update

29:05 – X-Men Apocalypse Deleted Scenes & Michael Fassbender on his Magneto Performance

36:02 – Star Trek 50th Anniversary

38:18 – Throwback: Shrek

47:08 – Reader Mail
What is your Dream Vacation?
Are Work Out Bands good to use?

53:08 – Recipes
Vacation Food – Grillin’
Maddy – Classic Hot Dog
Ryan – Vegetarian Double Cheeseburger

57:07 – Closer

Heady & Evidence of Evil presents Night of Nightmares


We must embrace the darkness to truly appreciate the light…

It’s our favorite time of the year – Monsters, haunted houses, and Halloween.

Love Tribe and Evidence of Evil are teaming up to bring a two-day festival celebrating our friends that lurk in the dark and haunt our nightmares for a special 2-Day event situated on Crown Street in New Haven, Connecticut, on October 7th and 8th. The demons will be crawling out of a gate to Hell located in Pacific Standard Tavern. There will be specials at the bars on Crown Street, music, monster FX artists available to bring out your inner monster, and a special auditory scare experience presented by Evidence of Evil.

A portion of the proceeds from Nights of Nightmares will be donated to ST. JUDE’S CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL.

You can find the events for both Friday and Saturday on Facebook.

We will be providing photo and video for this event.

Dress in your finest Hellish attire and join us this October.