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Ryan TV – Chilling at Crystal Bees (Tape 32)

What do you when it’s -7 degrees outside?

Go to a bowling alley/arcade/bar and do the cha cha slide, of course.

Ryan goes to Crystal Bees in Southington, despite the below freezing weather, to meet up with some of the Evidence of Evil crew and to support their favorite bartender!

Ryan TV – Freddy Krueger comes to THE CHAMBER (Tape 24)

Happy Halloween!

Celebrate the holiday by watching Ryan go behind the scenes of Evidence of Evil THE CHAMBER at Crystal Bees!

This past weekend they were joined by Freddy Krueger as their bartender, and other guest actors!

Ryan TV – Getting Wacky in THE CHAMBER (Tape 23)

Things are getting a little wacky in THE CHAMBER.

This is the 4th week into Evidence of Evil haunt over at Crystal Bees in Southington, Connecticut. As Ryan shows in his vlog, the cast is having a little bit of fun backstage between groups. Hiding keys, pulling pranks or raging inside the show… They’re having a good time.

If you are in the New England area, this is the final weekend to checkEvidence of Evil THE CHAMBER at Crystal Bees — Definitely go check it out if you have the chance. They will also be open on Halloween for a special Michael Myers event!

Ryan TV – Friday the 13th Special at Evidence of Evil

“Come, dear. It’ll be easier for you than it was for Jason.”

This past weekend, Evidence of Evil held a special edition Friday the 13th version of the THE CHAMBER at Crystal Bees. The Chamber is a haunted house spliced with an escape room. The participants have 5 minutes to escape the room before the killer comes back for all of them.

In this edition, the killer was replaced by Jason Vorhees (With Pamela at the bar outside), the victims became campers, and they were joined by a happy-go-lucky camp counselor who didn’t seem at all worried about the sound of screams or the chainsaw from the woods.

Ryan works for Evidence of Evil in many different assets, and he takes us behind the scenes of this horrific escape room!

Ryan TV – The Chamber – Weekend 2 (Tape 20)

We got spooky inside of Evidence of Evil‘s second weekend of THE CHAMBER, a haunted escape room!