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Let’s Watch 2 Movies vs. The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is all about the police. Maddy and Mary Ellen have some thoughts about what could be going through the Gotham PD’s minds as they watch Harvey Dent turn himself in. If you want to hear more, check out their podcast Let’s Watch 2 Movies – specifically, their episode about The Dark Knight.

Featuring art by Caroline Ramsey

Let’s Watch 2 Movies: The Prestige

After last week’s three-hour episode about The Dark Knight, this week’s two-hour episode of analysis of The Prestige seems downright reasonable in length, doesn’t it? Thank goodness for that, since Mary Ellen and Maddy had to watch both of these movies and record both episodes in one week, due to the way scheduling worked out. This was TOO MUCH NOLAN, folks. Don’t try this at home. Anyway, now’s a good time to subscribe if you haven’t yet; our hosts aren’t entirely sure when their next episode will be out, but once it is, you know you won’t want to miss it!