Atomic Blue Productions offers a variety of webshows including comedies, talk shows, throwbacks, and vlogs.

GENO – GENO (Galactic Espionage Network of Operations) is about new agent, Kyt Fawkes, working as a super alien spy in space at an undercover base underneath a coffee shop, battling weird monsters with a bunch of other agents who are phoning it in.

Retro-Spectives – Retro-Spectives revisits old games and commercials – But with a new twist – Customized shots! Hosted by nostalgia nerds, Ryan Pagella and Jess Jespersen.

Shorts – Maddy and Ryan love making short movies such as comedies and parodies.

Let’s Play with Team Sexy Bane – Team Sexy Bane consists of Ryan and Mary Ellen, a tag-team duo who are sassy and scream a lot. They also play video games.

Throwback Theater – Maddy and Ryan have been making movies since they were teenagers. They continue to do so on a more professional level, as both of them now work in the media industry. Those old movies they made still exist. There are a lot of them – And they are slowly making their way through them, re-watching them and laughing at themselves.