The Mutant Ages – Gambit & Wolverine do it on a Sentinel

Wolverine & Gambit made out on top of a sentinel, and it’s canon!

From the latest Mutant Ages episode, here is proof from the animated series that Wolverine and Gambit took a break from their X-Mission to do something else X-Rated.

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Where’s Waldo?

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Where’s Waldo?

Back in the 80’s, when the “Where’s Waldo” franchise was at it’s peak, an animated cartoon was based on the popular search and find books. This was one of Ryan’s favorite shows as a kid.

The episodes were based off of a page from the book, to give a little backstory. Waldo’s cane turned out to be a magical staff that allowed him to open portals to anywhere in time or space. One thing he didn’t do a lot of was hiding, ironically. The only times he hid was during a 30 second “search and find” segment that would take place during the commercial break or end of the episode.

Ryan TV – CT HorrorFest 2016 (Tape RW-6)

How we escaped… THE CHAMBER.

Evidence of Evil has brought back THE CHAMBER, a haunted escape room, located at Crystal Bees in Southington, Connecticut!

THE CHAMBER first appeared at CT HorrorFest 2016. Ryan has been working with the Evidence of Evil team for several years, and last year he vlogged behind the scenes at the premiere of THE CHAMBER. We felt like it would be good to go back to it’s roots, and re-upload this old vlog in spirit of it’s second year running for the Halloween season.

GENO – 1 Year Anniversary!!

One year ago we released GENO, a webshow about super alien spies in space… Who were also incredibly lazy about their jobs. Think Futurama meets Archer, except GENO was conceived long before either of those shows were on air.

This show is based on a huge extended universe created by Ryan and Maddy. They started writing scripts for GENO when they were in their early teens, and have not stopped in the past 20 years. This episode is just a small taste of this 90’s vibe sci-fi universe.

We had such a wonderful cast and production team behind the project, and we are honored they helped bring GENO to life on screen.

Happy Anniversary, GENO!

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – Obvious Child

Maddy and Mary Ellen return, after a slightly longer wait than usual, to compare Obvious Child to The Big Sick! These two delightful romcoms both star comedians and share themes of communication and real-feeling experiences. But how realistic ARE these movies? Get ready for us to take straight men to task for not living up to the standards set by Kumail Nanjiani and Jake Lacy. But before all that, we kick off the pod by advocating abstinence and introducing our new show, the Pause Podcast. This sure is another episode of Let’s Watch 2 Movies!

Ryan TV – The Chamber- OPENING WEEKEND (Tape 19)

Can you escape… THE CHAMBER?

It’s October, which means Ryan is full on back into the haunt scene, working for Evidence of Evil in their HAUNTED ESCAPE ROOM at Crystal Bees, in Southington, Connecticut. This goes behind the scenes of their opening weekend. Ryan goes between playing a demonic entity and a victim in the Chamber. All those quick changes kept him on his toes.

If you would like to learn more about Evidence of Evil, or would even like to give this haunted escape room a try, visit

The Mutant Ages – X-Men: The Animated Series – The Final Decision

Maddy and Ryan have just wrapped up watching the first season of X-Men: The Animated Series, and they’d like to remind you that Magneto was right… among other things. Magneto has captured Senator Kelly and the X-Men try to intervene, but before they can do that, the Sentinels rush in to capture Senator Kelly themselves. Now that humans and mutants have a common enemy in these big plastic robots, they’re able to put aside their bigotry.d

Is that realistic, even as a metaphor? Maddy and Ryan have some doubts, but nonetheless, they delve into this analogy and many others that have unfolded over the course of the season. They also review their favorite and least favorite characters so far, the episodes that should be skipped, and read some excellent mail from listeners about trans narratives in the X-Men and more!

X-Men Spotlight: Master Mold

Next week: THE FIRST X-MEN MOVIE! Watch along with us, won’t you?

Vibrations – Fall Equinox – Media Coverage

On the Fall Equinox, we had the opportunity to shoot the final Vibrations event hosted by AWAKE Productions at Sully’s Pub. It was an awesome night! The resident DJs all played some of the best sets we heard! Good way to kick off the end of summer, and beginning of Fall.

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Wishbone

Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Today isn’t quite a cartoon, but still a Saturday morning goodie from our childhood: Wishbone.

Wishbone would feature a Jack Russell Terrier who would face his family’s given situation by flashing to famous works of literature, in which the dog would play the main character (And also narrate half the show).

This show was a favorite of Maddy, Katie and Ryan, so you should absolutely check it out!

Ryan TV – Pat Benatar at Durham Fair + Vibrations Equinox (Tape 18)

Pat Benatar live at the Durham Fair!

Ryan goes on a two day adventure between Awake Productions final Vibrations event at Sully’s Pub for the Fall Equinox, to the Durham Fair where 80’s pop icon Pat Benatar plays live!