Resident Apartment 2 – Teaser 2

Resident Apartment 2 drops TOMORROW (06/11) feat. Maddy as Jill, and the Ryan’s as Leon and Barry! Also some sweet, sweet 80’s music written by Maddy and Ryan. Resident Evil fans, this one is for YOU.

Resident Apartment 2 Teaser

The sequel to Resident Apartment drops on Monday (06/12) feat. Maddy as Jill and the Ryan’s as Leon & Barry! Get your sandwiches ready…

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – Mad Max: Fury Road (Part 2)

Maddy and Mary Ellen continue on their three-part journey through Fury Road, as the pathway turns from sand to swamp for our heroes. We watch as Max and Furiosa grow into their parental roles for the weird family of escapees from Immortan Joe’s oppressive influence. Mary Ellen coins the term “Dad Max” to describe this phenomenon. More comparisons to Handmaid’s Tale also ensue, as well as comparisons to The Hunger Games. You know what comparison doesn’t come up? Swiss Army Man. Not yet, anyway. But we’ll get to it eventually, we promise!

Next week: the third and final part of our Mad Max: Fury Road trilogy. Stay tuned…

Ryan TV – Bowling at Foxwoods (Tape 9)

[New Vlog] Ryan up with an old co-vlogger friend, Courtney, at Foxwoods Casino & Resort — Not for gambling, but for some bowling, noodles and arcade time!

The Mutant Ages – X-Men: The Animated Series – Cold Vengeance

They can’t all be winners. “Cold Vengeance” is the first X-Men: The Animated Series episode that Ryan and Maddy would recommend you skip watching. Unless you’re hankering to see Wolverine play the white savior role while Sabretooth monologues at a glacier. But, hey, why not save yourself the trouble and let us recap the episode for you instead?

Spotlight X-Men: Wolverine

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Ryan TV – DJ Krank & Hiking Middletown Reservoir (Tape 8)

[New Vlog] This video is from last Saturday, where Ryan shot his friend’s headliner set at his convention in Springfield, MA. He asked Ryan to shoot some pro photos for him to use as marketing for his new DJ career, and of course Ryan was down.

Ryan also hit up the Middletown Reservoir with Lyra, which was really beautiful and Lyra sure splashed around a bunch.

Let’s Watch Two Movies – Mad Max: Fury Road (Part 1)

For the first time in the history of this podcast, Maddy and Mary Ellen watched a movie whose greatness cannot be contained in just one episode. It can’t even be contained in two episodes. For better or worse, the intrepid co-hosts of Let’s Watch 2 Movies will be delivering a trinity of episodes about the cinematic masterpiece that is Mad Max: Fury Road. After that, they’ll finally reach the movie with which they’ve paired it, which is Swiss Army Man. In this episode, we cite this video by Lindsay Ellis called “Planting and Payoff – Featuring Mad Max: Fury Road” (, as well as this post about how the movie’s center-of-frame technique humanizes its characters (…nowsfandom). Thanks for bearing with us as we detail every last facial expression that passes over Tom Hardy’s illustrious visage.

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – Mad Max: Fury Road PREVIEW

WITNESS MADDY AND MARY ELLEN!! Just one more day before Part 1 (of 3) of Let’s Watch 2 Movie’s “Mad Max: Fury Road” drops on iTunes, SoundCloud, Stitcher and Atomic Blue Productions!

Ryan TV – Shooting Throwback Videos w/ Maddy (Tape 7)

[New Vlog] Here’s a little behind-the-scenes of Maddy and Ryan shooting some throwback videos, then meeting up with Mary Ellen for a New England staple of Friendly’s Ice Cream!

The Mutant Ages – Wolverine/Gambit’s Sexy Tag – X-Men: The Animated Series

Ryan and Maddy’s second episode of The Mutant Ages features their first foray into X-Men: The Animated Series, which involves a sexy scene between Wolverine and Gambit playing “tag”. Find more on our X-Men Podcast THE MUTANT AGES on Sound Cloud and iTunes!