Let’s Watch 2 Movies vs. The Prestige

Maddy and Mary Ellen perform a rendition of Angiers and Tesla’s iconic conversation about the dangers of obsession in The Prestige. If you want to hear more, check out their podcast Let’s Watch 2 Movies — specifically, their episode about The Prestige.

Featuring art by Caroline Ramsey.

Let’s Watch 2 Movies vs. The Shawshank Redemption

Maddy and Mary Ellen recap the entire plot and all of the major themes of The Shawshank Redemption for you in less than a minute. If you want to hear more, check out their podcast Let’s Watch 2 Movies — specifically, this episode about The Shawshank Redemption.

Featuring art by Caroline Ramsey.

Atomic TV – Amen March 2017

Our first Atomic TV vlog is here!

Ryan goes behind the scenes of this month’s AMEN, produced by Love Tribe, at Pacific Standard Tavern in New Haven! Atomic Blue Productions provides both photo and video coverage of both Heady and Amen.

And don’t worry. There are plenty of Lyra cameos too.

Mutant Ages – Night of the Sentinels Part 1

Ryan and Maddy’s second episode of The Mutant Ages features their first foray into X-Men: The Animated Series, with a big spotlight on Jubilee. Did you know that Jubilee is one of Ryan’s favorite X-Men? Anyway, this episode is already way longer than we planned for it to be, so bear with us. We had to analyze the opening credits of the show, okay? Enjoy!

The Mutant Ages – Pryde of the X-Men

Welcome to the pilot episode of The Mutant Ages! Maddy and Ryan’s first step on their journey of watching every animated X-men TV show episode, ever, is Pryde of the X-Men. This TV pilot made in 1989 never ended up getting picked up for a full series. Why not? Let us explain why. Oh, and don’t forget: Spider-Man wants you to register to vote!

AMEN – CT DNB / March 2017 feat. JOHN B, Metafish, Dig Doug & The ART

Last night’s AMEN at Pacific Standard Tavern was on fire! The building was shaking, the bass was blasting, and the vibe was intense and overall awesome.

As always, thank you Love Tribe for letting Atomic Blue be part of your production!

Photography by Ryan Pagella.

Let’s Watch 2 Movies: The Prestige

After last week’s three-hour episode about The Dark Knight, this week’s two-hour episode of analysis of The Prestige seems downright reasonable in length, doesn’t it? Thank goodness for that, since Mary Ellen and Maddy had to watch both of these movies and record both episodes in one week, due to the way scheduling worked out. This was TOO MUCH NOLAN, folks. Don’t try this at home. Anyway, now’s a good time to subscribe if you haven’t yet; our hosts aren’t entirely sure when their next episode will be out, but once it is, you know you won’t want to miss it!

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – The Dark Knight

WE’RE BACK. After spending several weeks in Marvel jail, Mary Ellen and Maddy return to podcasting to address the blood feud that has haunted the entire run of this show: NOLANNN. Our hosts have chosen to analyze The Dark Knight and The Prestige, in that order. Anyway, did you all know that The Dark Knight is a really long movie? This podcast episode is even longer! We’re not sorry. (Okay, we’re a little sorry. Listen to it in chunks, or something.) Your reward for making it to the end of the episode will be getting to hear Mary Ellen and Maddy lose their minds over the difference (or lack thereof) between the hero Gotham deserves and the hero Gotham needs. Lastly, we refer to this Clickhole parody video analysis of The Dark Knight roughly 600 times in this episode, so you should probably watch it.

Insomniacs in the Morning – Final Episode

This is the FINAL EPISODE of Insomniacs in the Morning with Maddy & Ryan!

Thank you SO MUCH for supporting this show over the past year! We may come back with a few review episodes here and there, but until then – This is the final episode!

Their next podcast – THE MUTANT AGES! is Coming early March.
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Promotional artwork:
Ryan Pagella – ryanpagella.tumblr.com
Taylor Hicklen – www.taylorhicklen.com

Also: Lady Gaga Superbowl Halftime Show, Fire Emblem: Heroes, Mario Run, Hidden Figures, Boss Baby, Castlevania TV Show, Fuller House Season 2 & Iron Fist.

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:03 – Intro / Insomniacs in Review

5:46 – THE MUTANT AGES PODCAST feat. Maddy & Ryan!
Coming Early March
Follow the Podcast on SoundCloud and on Twitter: @themutantages

7:16 – Additional Upcoming Projects – Let’s Watch 2 Movies, Atomic TV, GENO Episode 2, Leon & Jill 2, Mall Talk, Whiskey Hour, Aon, music videos & 2 new Throwback Theaters

10:36 – Work Out Tips
Ryan – Short term walking outside while sick, Disconnect from the Internet, Drink a lot of water, eat straight garlic when sick
Maddy – Skiing, Shoveling Snow, desk cycle, eat spicy soup while sick
Work Out Tips that stuck with Maddy and Ryan throughout the year.

18:28 – Lady GaGa at the Superbowl Halftime Show

22:16 – Mario Run & Fire Emblem: Heroes

27:39 – Hidden Figures

29:45 – Boss Baby – What the HELL is that?!
Maddy & Samantha wrote an article:

30:45 – Castlevania Netflix Series

31:34 – Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

38:13 – Resident Evil 7

44:53 – Throwback: Super Mario Bros. Movie

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1:01:50 – Taylor Hicklen Shout Out for helping design logos:

1:02:25 – Reader Mail

1:12:31 – Memories from Katie (Maddy & Ryan’s mutual friend who introduced them)

1:14:29 – Super Smash Bros, feat. Maddy & Ryan (Written by Ryan)

1:17:03 – Recipes – Favorite coffees & favorite ways to make coffee
Ryan – Mocha and French Vanilla from Dunkin Donuts – Uses French Press
Maddy – Lattes and Espressos – Uses Mocha Pot
Maddy also used Craft Coffee, which delivers coffee to you.

1:20:26 – Skye’s Recipe Corner (feat. Call-In from Skye!!)
Italian Sausage, Peppers & Onions

1:28:05 – Final Closer

Insomniacs in the Morning – Episode 45

Maddy and Ryan have some big announcements on this upcoming Insomniacs in the Morning!!

The final Insomniacs in the Morning will be on February 12th.

Topics this week: Golden Globes, Nintendo Switch Conference, Logan Trailer, Power Rangers trailer, Defenders preview, Resident Evil: Vendetta Trailer, Resident Evil 7 Dummy Finger Flash Drive, Harley Quinn in Gotham Season 2/3, DC Comics publishing Hanna Barbara Property Comic Books, throwback to their obsession with Resident Evil & more!!

Question of the Week: What game are you most excited about for the Nintendo Switch?

Work Out Tips:
Ryan – Running in the Morning & Ab/Core Workout at Night

Recipes: Throwback Cereals

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