Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to Atomic Blue Productions!

In 2012, Maddy and Ryan founded Atomic Blue Productions. While they technically started the production team in 2012, they didn’t start producing until 2014. They had laid out the groundwork to produce a full length season of GENO, along with a bunch of other ideas but due to time restraints and Ryan working two full-time jobs, Atomic Blue and GENO went on the back burner for a couple more years.

In 2013, Ryan and Mary Ellen started a separate channel called “Team Sexy Bane” — A let’s play duo between Ryan and Mary Ellen. They set out to do (mostly) horror, and started with Amnesia: The Dark Descent. They didn’t get very far, mostly because Ryan kept running into walls and hiding behind boxes. After episode two, they took a year long hiatus, then decided to continue the series under the Atomic Blue umbrella for another year from 2014-2015. Ryan continued to do Let’s Plays under the title “Sassy Gaymer” and then a retro gaming show with Jess “Retro-Spectives”.

During this time, the team was trying to find a voice for their channel and brand. We, as a team, tried a series of different shows and accepted a bunch of pitches from friends. Eventually Maddy and Ryan sat down for some real talk. The whole reason they had created the company in the first place was to continue creating content together like they always had been since their teens, and they felt like they were spending too much time on projects that weren’t their own.

That’s when the Atomic Blue was truly born.

In need for inspiration to move forward with the company and their lives, Maddy and Ryan started a live morning show “Insomniacs in the Morning”. This ended a year later when they decided to move on to their X-Men podcast “The Mutant Ages”. Mary Ellen also went from gamer to podcaster and started “Let’s Watch 2 Movies” with Maddy. Our long time production assistant, Katie, came out from behind the camera and started a podcast with Ryan called “Warcraft Valley”.

Meanwhile, Ryan was still finding his footing with vlogging again. He had always been filming his life in a series of “home movies”. After his first joint show with 6 other vloggers “The DrYoshi Show”, he moved on briefly to a daily vlog called “Follow the Sun.” This only lasted a couple of months, and that’s when he settled with “Ryan TV”.

We fast tracked a one-time episode of GENO in production, and then a series of other videos on YouTube including series like “Resident Apartment” and “Throwback Theater”. We also started covering events professionally with both blogs and video.

The most magical part about this was when we re-branded Atomic Blue, all of our long-time production friends who had made early videos with us well over a decade ago, all came back on board. They are STILL on board, and we are growing!

With 2018 here, we have so many big plans and a growing list of shows we want to take on this year! We are excited for the new year and what it brings us!

Now we would like to share with you the video that started it all: Team Sexy Bane – Let’s Play Amnesia.

Happy New Year Year!!

As we close in on the end of 2017, we took a look back at everything we accomplished this past year. 

Let’s Watch 2 Movies had it’s 1 year anniversary with 31 HUGE episodes under Maddy and Mary Ellen’s belt!

The Mutant Ages took off and our audiences have accepted Maddy and Ryan’s head canon as actual canon.

Warcraft Valley came to life and Katie dipped her toes into the podcasting world with Ryan, reading their old teenage fanfictions.

Resident Evil came to life in a ridiculous 80’s rap.

And all of the other miscellaneous videos we produced this year!

We couldn’t have come this far without all of you, our supporters, and we are so thankful to have you cheering us on!

We have some big plans for 2018, so cheers to the New Year!

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – Love Actually

Love actually isn’t all around, at least when it comes to how Mary Ellen and Maddy feel about this movie. Who knew that Die Hard would stack up so well in this Christmas-themed pairing? Listen to your intrepid co-hosts dissect one of the most influential post-9/11 romantic comedies, featuring a ton of characters who can’t seem to stop pushing each others’ boundaries. This movie was problematic in 2003, to be sure, but in 2017, it sure is a trip into hell. Speaking of hell, we’ve also decided that this movie is a reflection of Hans Gruber’s eternal torment, following the events of Die Hard. Let us make our case!

This episode is really long, but do we even need to say that anymore? That’s just how we roll.

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Ryan TV – Christmas 2017 (Tape 31)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Join Ryan as he travels to his hometown to spend the holidays with loved ones, both friends and family alike!

Massachusetts was hit with two major storms over the holidays. It was a White Christmas, for sure, but that was after two ice storms and a blizzard. Ryan takes the camera and hikes through all three and gets some really amazing shots of the winter wonderland.

Katie also joins Ryan to wrap his gifts, which is good because he definitely can’t do that. And as the adults they are, they listen to the Muppets and play with fart blasters.

Ryan TV – Ryan and Steph Climb Christmas Lights (Tape 30)

Happy Holidays from Atomic Blue Productions!

Ryan TV – Office Holiday Party (Tape 30)

It’s a holiday office party!

Ryan sets up for an office party at GEMFormulas Healing Gemstones & Aura Sprays! Come behind the scenes with him!

Ryan TV – Holidays 2016 (Tape RW-10)

This has never been uploaded before!

In the spirit of the holidays, Ryan uploaded his vlog from from 2016, which didn’t see the light of YouTube as he was re-branding his vlogs and moving them to their own channel at the end of last year.

This has everything to get you in the mood for the holidays — Festive music, a light show, Lyra running through the snow, New England hikes through tall pine trees, unwrapping gifts, custom made holiday drinks, and Katie sitting on a picture frame. That could be it’s own festive song!

The Mutant Ages – X-Men: The Animated Series – Red Dawn

This week, Maddy and Ryan wish they had paid more attention in history class, because they’re pretty sure that X-Men: The Animated Series’ take on the dissolution of the Soviet Union didn’t involve a tentacled super-mutant laying waste to Eastern Europe. That’s what happens in “Red Dawn,” but don’t worry–the X-Men are on the scene, ready to intervene in an international incident! Meanwhile, Jubilee sets the standard for Nazi-punching bravery in this episode. Hell yeah.

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X-Men Spotlight: Illyana Nikolievna Rasputina, Colossus’ sister, a.k.a. Magik, a.k.a. Darkchylde, a.k.a. Lightchylde, a.k.a. X-Men Had A Goth Phase

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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Flintstone Kids

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Flintstone Kids

In the 80’s, we went through a phase where popular children’s series got a “kid” version of the show, such as the Muppet Babies. The Flintstones also got a taste of this!

This show was one of Ryan’s favorites as a kid, as were many weird shows of the 80’s. The format of the show didn’t differ too much from the original Flintstones, except that it contradicted the actual continuity in which Fred and Barney didn’t meet until they were adults.

Travel back to 1986 with us in today’s Saturday Morning Cartoon throwback!

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – Die Hard

Well, the weather outside is frightful, and Maddy and Mary Ellen have chosen two appropriately Christmas-y movies in honor of December: Die Hard and Love Actually!

Our co-hosts managed to enjoy Die Hard even though we hate cops, which should serve as an indicator of how good this movie is. We still take plenty of moments to point out this movie’s outdated views on gender, race, and police overreach. Also, remember when people really hated journalists? Good thing those attitudes got left back in 1988! Lastly, it turns out that Bruce Willis is a great actor. Who knew?

Next week: Love Actually, a Christmas movie that also has Alan Rickman in it!!!

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