Maddy and Mary Ellen watched The Cabin in the Woods, and they deem it to be… fine. The movie’s got a couple funny bits, a couple scary bits, and a couple satirical bits, but not quite enough of each of these to make this movie a comedy, a horror, or a satire. It’s kind of like this joke about the Black Eyed Peas from The Office (, which we refer to in the episode, for some reason.

We do realize this movie means a lot to people, though, so in spite of not quite seeing the appeal, we put on our analysis hats and talk about horror movie tropes and the larger metaphor in the film about Hollywood movie execs, directors, and the ancient beings (a.k.a. moviegoers) that allegedly strike fear in Hollywood’s heart.

Next week, we pair this movie with another meta-commentary on horror movies: The Final Girls!

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