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Throwback Theater – 007: The Galaxy is not Enough


This is a sci-fi version of 007, but IN SPACE. Also, featuring a bunch of the characters from GENO, so basically it’s a self-insert fanfic producing a movie? It’s a complicated.

This script was written by a 13-year-old Ryan. It’s pretty clever and self-aware for a fan script written by a 13-year-old.

Gifio7 – Mora’s Return: Fire Crystal (Part 2)

You’re all in for a treat today!

Gifio7 is a re-release of Maddy and Ryan’s very first podcast from many years ago. This was way before Insomniacs in the Morning, and possibly before Atomic Blue Productions existed as a production team. The quality of podcast is low, as it was recorded off of Skype.┬áIn this show, Ryan and Maddy re-read old science fiction stories that Ryan wrote as a 13-year-old, the stories being the predecessor to GENO. The concept of re-reading old stories and laughing at them eventually evolved into our Throwback Theater.

Please enjoy this bonus podcast, and laugh with Ryan and Maddy way back in the day!

Throwback Theater: A Star Wars Fanfiction

In a living room far, far away… Two best friends unearth a Star Wars fanfiction where Han Solo is in danger once again, and it’s up to an original character named “Ryan” to save him!

Maddy and Ryan read this quality Star Wars fanfiction (really a summary of a NEW trilogy) written by a 10-year-old Ryan. It features the usual crowd, then plus some odd ones like Grand Mouth and mysterious Bobos. Also, Darth Vader came back to life.

Throwback Theater – GENO: The Dating Game

Join Maddy and Ryan as they re-read a story Ryan wrote as teens about the GENO characters going on a fake date to deal with their “tension” in this sort of romantic comedy! Featuring a bunch of Yoshis, for some reason.

Throwback Theater: GENO – Terde

Maddy and Ryan re-read an a story that Maddy wrote when she was 12, which involves the cast of GENO walking around in tiny bathing suits and flirting with each other.

Enjoy as they laugh at themselves and their writing from when they were teens!