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Saturday Morning Cartoons – Ghost Writer

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Ghost Writer

This Saturday Morning’s spotlight technically doesn’t fall under the “cartoon” category, but Ghost Writer himself does (Or DOES he? SPOOKY.)

Ghost Writer was a favorite of Maddy’s growing up. The show revolved around a diverse cast of kids who lived in Brooklyn solving neighborhood crimes and other mysteries with the help of a ghost, who looked more like a floating dot. The ghost could communicate with the kids by morphing text and letters on books, computers and other things to form new sentences. (Actually a pretty unique and cool power)

The show was designed to teach reading and writing skills to elementary and middle school kids.

Ryan was also a fan of the show, but apparently erased all memory of it after he saw the Gooey Gus episode — A famous episode where a terrifying purple doll was hunting down the cast of Ghost Writer, and encasing them in purple cocoons. The doll would grow bigger and bigger in heat until he was the size of a man, hunting the kids down. This was the series of finale, which had an Inception type of ending in which it left the viewer thinking “Was any of that real?”

In going back and watching episodes as adults, the show still holds up. It’s really smart and ahead of it’s time. It also makes us miss the 90’s like whoa.

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Flintstone Kids

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Flintstone Kids

In the 80’s, we went through a phase where popular children’s series got a “kid” version of the show, such as the Muppet Babies. The Flintstones also got a taste of this!

This show was one of Ryan’s favorites as a kid, as were many weird shows of the 80’s. The format of the show didn’t differ too much from the original Flintstones, except that it contradicted the actual continuity in which Fred and Barney didn’t meet until they were adults.

Travel back to 1986 with us in today’s Saturday Morning Cartoon throwback!

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Chip ‘n Dale: Resue Rangers

This cartoon was a staple of Katie’s childhood and had the second most catchy theme since Duck Tales.

Released in 1989, it took the classic Disney cartoon characters, Chip and Dale, and converted them from backyard agents of chaos to witty detectives. They were pint-sized detectives who dealt with cases that were “too small” for regular police to handle, as well as cases made by other animal clients.

They were joined by Monterey Jack, Zipper and most importantly — Gadget. The effect Gadget had on audiences at that time is still reflective in the people who grow up with this show. Gadget was not only a female action hero, but she was also brilliant. It’s not a surprise that you see adults at conventions frequently cosplaying their childhood favorite, Gadget, because kids aspired to BE her in the early 90’s.

Often times after they took a case, they faced up against the tabby cat gang leader, Fat Cat, and mad scientist, Norton Nimnul.

If you haven’t watched this show, then it’s worth going back and watching. It’s right up there with Duck Tales, Darkwing Duck and Tale Spin.

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Sailor Moon

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Sailor Moon

How does one even explain Sailor Moon?

A bunch of High School girls find out they are secretly Sailor Soldiers representing other planets, and they need to fight with their magical elemental powers for their princess who is now on Earth falling down a lot and chatting with her talking cats.

That should sum it up accurately.

But seriously, Sailor Moon was one of the first steps for anime to become so prominent in the USA and across the globe. It was rare to have a cartoon that featured an exclusively all female cast of bad ass warriors. It’s not a surprise that so many people resonated with this show.

When they were much younger, Ryan had Katie tape him actual episodes of the show on VHS when they would air on Cartoon Network. For a short time, in was on basic TV channels, but then it became increasingly hard to find unless you dropped $20 on a VHS tape.

And of course, we all had our own Sailor Scouts to represent us. Maddy was Sailor Mars and Ryan was… Sailor Little Dipper? What the hell??

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Sonic AM

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Sonic AM

Sonic AM is one of the most iconic video game TV shows to stand out, even after 30 years. When the music chimes up, we all start singing along with it — Sorry, Sonic X. This theme has you beat!

This cartoon put Sonic, Tails and a bunch of ther woodland creatures known as the “Freedom Fighters” up against Dr. Robotnik — Who was actually menacing in this show! The colors used in this cartoon were purposely grim and dark, the robots were frightening, and the stakes were always high. Unfortunately, we didn’t see the Freedom Fighters in many games, including the tough and smart Princess Sally.

If this pops up on a streaming device — WATCH IT. It’s good and worth your time!

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Gargoyles

Saturday Morning Cartoon: GARGOYLES

If there is one cartoon that Maddy, Ryan and Katie all watched together, it was Gargoyles. They found it in their early teens, right before they fell in love with the X-Men, which held similar themes of not being accepted or being able to fit in with the rest of society, and having to hide in the shadows of the night.

Disney took a page out of Batman animated series book to stylistically tell a goth and grim story about Gargoyles who’s clan had been destroyed. Gargoyles would “sleep” by day, retaining their stone form, and break of their stone at night. After a spell was cast on them to sleep eternally, they were moved to New York City where an evil version of Tony Stark, David Xanatos, utilized a spell to bring them back to life… And that’s where their adventure begins.

This show is very close to our hearts. And we all admit that we had crushes on both Goliath and Brooklyn!

Saturday Morning Cartoons – Duck Tales

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Duck Tales! (Woo-oo)

It’s not a surprise that Duck Tales made it onto our list of Saturday Morning Cartoon favorites. This show is in the hearts of every kid from 1990 — Not to mention the theme song that EVERYONE sings upon hearing the words “Duck Tales”. This cartoon was THE favorite of Katie, who is our production assistant and co-hosts the podcast, Warcraft Valley. She has more Scrooge McDuck merchandise than anyone we know!

The show focused on Donald’s three nephews, who he left in the care of their Uncle Scrooge, as Donald left to join the navy. The kids live in their uncles huge mansion and go on crazy treasure hunting adventures with him. Oh, and everyone who watched this show wanted to jump into Scrooge’s money bank full of gold coins and jewels.

This cartoon was so popular that it merited characters appearing in spin-off shows, and had multiple videogames and comic books released while it was in syndication. The show was recently rebooted for 2017, and honestly? That adaption is also wildly fantastic.

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Where’s Waldo?

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Where’s Waldo?

Back in the 80’s, when the “Where’s Waldo” franchise was at it’s peak, an animated cartoon was based on the popular search and find books. This was one of Ryan’s favorite shows as a kid.

The episodes were based off of a page from the book, to give a little backstory. Waldo’s cane turned out to be a magical staff that allowed him to open portals to anywhere in time or space. One thing he didn’t do a lot of was hiding, ironically. The only times he hid was during a 30 second “search and find” segment that would take place during the commercial break or end of the episode.

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Wishbone

Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Today isn’t quite a cartoon, but still a Saturday morning goodie from our childhood: Wishbone.

Wishbone would feature a Jack Russell Terrier who would face his family’s given situation by flashing to famous works of literature, in which the dog would play the main character (And also narrate half the show).

This show was a favorite of Maddy, Katie and Ryan, so you should absolutely check it out!

Saturday Morning Cartoon: She-Ra

Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Our cartoon of choice this week is She-Ra! This was one of Maddy’s favorite shows growing up. She originally thought He-Man was an extension of the She-Ra universe, and we’ll go with that.

Rebel gone good and He-Man’s equal, She-Ra was a huge icon in the 80’s, and honestly a game changer for cartoons featuring a female action hero. It also featured a fabulous cast of characters sporting some very interesting clothing choices.