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Saturday Morning Cartoons – Duck Tales

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Duck Tales! (Woo-oo)

It’s not a surprise that Duck Tales made it onto our list of Saturday Morning Cartoon favorites. This show is in the hearts of every kid from 1990 — Not to mention the theme song that EVERYONE sings upon hearing the words “Duck Tales”. This cartoon was THE favorite of Katie, who is our production assistant and co-hosts the podcast, Warcraft Valley. She has more Scrooge McDuck merchandise than anyone we know!

The show focused on Donald’s three nephews, who he left in the care of their Uncle Scrooge, as Donald left to join the navy. The kids live in their uncles huge mansion and go on crazy treasure hunting adventures with him. Oh, and everyone who watched this show wanted to jump into Scrooge’s money bank full of gold coins and jewels.

This cartoon was so popular that it merited characters appearing in spin-off shows, and had multiple videogames and comic books released while it was in syndication. The show was recently rebooted for 2017, and honestly? That adaption is also wildly fantastic.

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Where’s Waldo?

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Where’s Waldo?

Back in the 80’s, when the “Where’s Waldo” franchise was at it’s peak, an animated cartoon was based on the popular search and find books. This was one of Ryan’s favorite shows as a kid.

The episodes were based off of a page from the book, to give a little backstory. Waldo’s cane turned out to be a magical staff that allowed him to open portals to anywhere in time or space. One thing he didn’t do a lot of was hiding, ironically. The only times he hid was during a 30 second “search and find” segment that would take place during the commercial break or end of the episode.

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Wishbone

Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Today isn’t quite a cartoon, but still a Saturday morning goodie from our childhood: Wishbone.

Wishbone would feature a Jack Russell Terrier who would face his family’s given situation by flashing to famous works of literature, in which the dog would play the main character (And also narrate half the show).

This show was a favorite of Maddy, Katie and Ryan, so you should absolutely check it out!

Saturday Morning Cartoon: She-Ra

Saturday Morning Cartoons!

Our cartoon of choice this week is She-Ra! This was one of Maddy’s favorite shows growing up. She originally thought He-Man was an extension of the She-Ra universe, and we’ll go with that.

Rebel gone good and He-Man’s equal, She-Ra was a huge icon in the 80’s, and honestly a game changer for cartoons featuring a female action hero. It also featured a fabulous cast of characters sporting some very interesting clothing choices.