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Ryan TV – ConnectiCon 2017 (Tape 13)

[New Vlog] Ryan returns to ConnectiCon to support the convention and see old friends! ConnectiCon is held annually in Hartford at the Connecticut Convention Center and runs parallel with Hartford’s River Fest. Both Maddy and Ryan used to work for this convention from 2008-2014, before Atomic Blue Productions and their current jobs. It’s a fun con worth checking out!

Ryan TV – Maddycation (Tape 12)

Maddy and Ryan take a vacation to Old Saybrook Point Inn! And don’t actually work for once. Okay, well they made this vlog, but does that really count?

Ryan TV – Hiking Rocky Narrows

[New Vlog] Ryan visited his friends and family up in Massachusetts! Maddy and crew go hiking at the Rocky Narrows in Sherborn, MA, where they casually hike along some New England cliffsides.

Ryan TV – ComiCONN 2017 (Tape 10)

Ryan attended ComiCONN 2017 at Foxwoods this past weekend and had a great time! The staff was super friendly and the convention was organized and fun — One of the best show floors/dealer’s rooms he’s seen! Thanks for the good time, ComiCONN — Rock on!!

Ryan TV – Bowling at Foxwoods (Tape 9)

[New Vlog] Ryan up with an old co-vlogger friend, Courtney, at Foxwoods Casino & Resort — Not for gambling, but for some bowling, noodles and arcade time!

Ryan TV – Shooting Throwback Videos w/ Maddy (Tape 7)

[New Vlog] Here’s a little behind-the-scenes of Maddy and Ryan shooting some throwback videos, then meeting up with Mary Ellen for a New England staple of Friendly’s Ice Cream!

Ryan TV – Birthday & Alien: Covenant Review feat. Mary Ellen (Tape 6)

[New Vlog] It’s Mary Ellen sister’s birthday — Happy Birthday, Caroline!! Also, Mary Ellen and Ryan hit up the movies for some Alien: Covenant Fassbender on Fassbender action. Plus, fidget spinners.

Ryan TV – Summer-izing Beach House (Tape 5)

[New Vlog] Ryan hit up his neighbor’s beach house to help get it ready for the summer, which meant more relaxation for him and Lyra!

Ryan TV – Dave & Busters + Buffalo Wild Wings (Tape 4)

-New Vlog- Last Friday, Ryan hit up Dave & Busters + B Dubs. The giant Sock Em Boppers game you see below is way more lame than it looks. But there is some footage of the Luigi’s Mansion arcade, which we didn’t even know was a game. We won some nerdy prizes, so that’s cool. Also feat. Lyra swimming in the river, because she’s the real star here.

Ryan TV – Putting in Beach House Dock (Tape 3)

[New Vlog] Short video of Ryan’s adventure with Steph putting in the dock at a beach house. You won’t really see any of that because Ryan didn’t hit record at the end apparently, but you WILL see Steph punching the camera and Ryan eating the ground trying to use the rope swing. So those two things are note-worthy.