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Ryan TV – NYC Trip 2015 (Tape RW-5)

We bring the nerdy shopping spree to NYC!

Ryan and Katie take to the streets (and stores) of NYC, a place of significance to their teenage stories now being read on their podcast, Warcraft Valley. It’s mostly toy stores, running across streets, and a terrifying Elsa in Times Square trying to take their souls.

Ryan TV – Zombie Take Over Bluefish Baseball Game (Tape RW-4)

Zombies invade a baseball game!

Enjoy this throwback to 2014 when Ryan and Felicia created a bunch of zombies to take over a Bluefish Baseball game as part of a promotion.

Also, featuring cameos by Mary Ellen and a shaky camera!

Ryan TV – Weekend Adventure & Pokemon Party (Tape 15)

Friendship is magical.

Ryan hangs out with Katie and Caro, two friends of 20 years. Caro takes the camera at and sits in the passenger seat of Ryan’s car to film nonsense, just like old times. Then Katie and Ryan wind up at Target and Toys R Us, also like old times. Time passes, but some things never change.

Also, there is an ongoing Pokemon theme here, so some things really DO stay the same.

Ryan TV – X-Men: Apocalypse Party 2016 (Tape RW-3)

Let’s throw a party for the APOCALYPSE.

The X-MEN Apocalypse!

Rewind to 2016, when Katie and Ryan hosted an X-Men themed party for X-Men: Apocalypse complete with decorations, figurines, and 95 degree weather. This re-upload brings together friends via the X-Men, with cameos of Mary Ellen, Ry T., and more!

Ryan TV – Southwick Zoo 2015 (Tape RW-2)

Have you pet a deer before?

This vlog is a throwback to 2015 when Katie and Ryan went to the Southwick’s Zoo, More than a Zoo in Mendon, Massachusetts. This a great zoo where all the animals live in open spaces and as close to their natural habitats as possible. The more notable section is the Deer Forest, where hundreds of deer walk up to people to eat feed and get some petting in while they’re at it. Also, this zoo has a ski lift called the “Skyfari” where both Ryan and Katie were afraid they would drop their cameras.

Enjoy this little throwback and if you have the chance, check out this great zoo!

Ryan TV – Water Wizz & Cape Cod (Tape 14)

Waterparks are fun!

This past weekend, Katie and Ryan celebrated Katie’s next step in her career by taking a weekend trip to Cape Cod! They revisited Water Wizz in Wareham, a waterpark they used to frequent as teens and young adults. Turns out it’s still great! Also, in classic Ryan and Katie fashion, they went to the mall where they pretended it was 1999 again.

All the delicious food in this video is from their favorite place in Cape Cod, Mark Anthony’s Restaurant!

Ryan TV – Beachside Staycation (Tape RW-1)

Sometimes a Staycation is the perfection vacation!

Rewind to 2016: Maddy, Ryan and Steph take a small staycation to in Connecticut. They were at the shore by day, and playing games and watching movies by night. This is when the RE7 Demo was first released! Also, this was the first time Maddy ever watched “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead”

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Ryan TV – ConnectiCon 2017 (Tape 13)

[New Vlog] Ryan returns to ConnectiCon to support the convention and see old friends! ConnectiCon is held annually in Hartford at the Connecticut Convention Center and runs parallel with Hartford’s River Fest. Both Maddy and Ryan used to work for this convention from 2008-2014, before Atomic Blue Productions and their current jobs. It’s a fun con worth checking out!

Ryan TV – Maddycation (Tape 12)

Maddy and Ryan take a vacation to Old Saybrook Point Inn! And don’t actually work for once. Okay, well they made this vlog, but does that really count?

Ryan TV – Hiking Rocky Narrows

[New Vlog] Ryan visited his friends and family up in Massachusetts! Maddy and crew go hiking at the Rocky Narrows in Sherborn, MA, where they casually hike along some New England cliffsides.