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Ryan TV – Queen of Hearts Filming & Pokemon GO Adventures (Tape 36)

Ryan had the opportunity to shoot the “Queen of Hearts” show for Impulse Dance Center!

In this, he takes us backstage as he runs between three different cameras filming the performance. We also get a fun cameo of Steph, who attended the show, and wandered the empty halls of venue/school with Ryan singing and looking at artwork on the walls.

We also get a fun Pokemon GO adventure with Katie, so it’s a double packed vlog!

Ryan TV – 80’s Night at Mohegan SUn (Tape RW-16)

Throwback Tuesday: 80’s Night at Mohegan Sun!

Ryan and Kristen head to the casino for an 80’s night special. While there aren’t a lot of events, there is plenty of music playing and retro games to play.

This is a re-upload of the DrYoshi Show, now being hosted over at Ryan TV!

Ryan TV – YourMiniCon 2015 (Tape RW-15)

Back in 2015, YourMiniCon was the first convention we covered an event as Atomic Blue Productions. We created a music video full of cosplayers and activities happening at the event.

This vlog is from the archives, behind the scenes of YourMiniCon, now re-uploaded to Ryan TV!

Ryan TV – Westfield Mall with Elena (Tape 34)

Ryan and Elena had to run some errands at Dick’s Sporting Goods, and as the grown adults they are, giggled about it the entire time.

They are also joined by Felicia for some delicious food at the amazing Celtic Cavern in Middletown, Connecticut. If you are ever in the area, we highly recommend checking them out!

Ryan TV – John B. at AMEN (Tape RW-11)

Returning from last year, we have re-uploaded the John B. show at AMEN from March!

Ryan shot photography for this show. We previously had it on the ABP channel, but we moved it over to Ryan TV.


Ryan TV – Christmas 2017 (Tape 31)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Join Ryan as he travels to his hometown to spend the holidays with loved ones, both friends and family alike!

Massachusetts was hit with two major storms over the holidays. It was a White Christmas, for sure, but that was after two ice storms and a blizzard. Ryan takes the camera and hikes through all three and gets some really amazing shots of the winter wonderland.

Katie also joins Ryan to wrap his gifts, which is good because he definitely can’t do that. And as the adults they are, they listen to the Muppets and play with fart blasters.

Ryan TV – Office Holiday Party (Tape 30)

It’s a holiday office party!

Ryan sets up for an office party at GEMFormulas Healing Gemstones & Aura Sprays! Come behind the scenes with him!

Ryan TV – Holidays 2016 (Tape RW-10)

This has never been uploaded before!

In the spirit of the holidays, Ryan uploaded his vlog from from 2016, which didn’t see the light of YouTube as he was re-branding his vlogs and moving them to their own channel at the end of last year.

This has everything to get you in the mood for the holidays — Festive music, a light show, Lyra running through the snow, New England hikes through tall pine trees, unwrapping gifts, custom made holiday drinks, and Katie sitting on a picture frame. That could be it’s own festive song!

Ryan TV – Trans-Siberian Orchestra & Silver Lights Show 2015 (Tape RW-9)

This video has never been online before!

The final episode of the DrYoshi Show was never uploaded before the vlog came to an end. In celebration of the holiday spirit, we decided to revisit this 2 years later and release it on our channel!

In this, Ryan and Katie reunite for another Trans-Siberian Orchestra show, although it’s a little bit more frantic because Ryan locks his keys in the car at Mohegan Sun. Luckily, their mutual friend and old co-vlogger, Courtney, comes to spread some holiday cheer and they go to see the Silver Lights in Meriden, Connecticut!

Ryan TV – Trans-Siberian Orchestra 2014 (Tape RW-8)

In the spirit of the holiday season, we revisited our trip to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra at Mohegan Sun!

Ryan and Katie have been long-time fans of TSO, and have seen it annually for years — And Katie has seen it even more times than that, if you can even believe it.

This vlog is a re-upload from 2014, when Katie and Ryan saw the show together again. It was a great weekend and makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside every time they watch the video, so we thought we would share that holiday spirit with you this year!