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Ryan TV – John B. at AMEN (Tape RW-11)

Returning from last year, we have re-uploaded the John B. show at AMEN from March!

Ryan shot photography for this show. We previously had it on the ABP channel, but we moved it over to Ryan TV.


Ryan TV – Thanksgiving & LTJ Bukem (Tape 29)

Ryan’s LTJ Bukem & Thanksgiving vlog is here!

This past weekend, Ryan had the opportunity to shoot photo for the LTJ Bukem show in New Haven, Connecticut, at Pacific Standard Tavern. Thank you to AWAKE productions for letting us be part of this event!

Also, this vlog features a lot of beautiful New England hikes with Ryan and his hiking buddy/dog, Lyra.

Then of course Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping to ring in the holidays!

AMEN DnB – LTJ Bukem – Pacific Standard Tavern – New Haven, Connecticut

Ryan had the opportunity to shoot photo for LTJ Bukem DJ at Pacific Standard Tavern this past Friday via the AMEN!

This was the third year the AWAKE crew has been hosting shows Pacific Standard Tavern. What a solid way to bring in the 3-year anniversary!

We have been working with Felicia and her crew for a solid three years, shooting photo and video per each event. This crew is so dedicated to their art and the passion for this community. If there is any team that was deserving of LTJ Bukem headlining, it’s this crew. Shout out to Adam and his staff at Pacific Standard Tavern for a solid venue!

As always, thank you to the staff of AMEN, Awake Productions and Pacific Standard Tavern. Keep the good vibes up!

AMEN CT DnB – April 2017

We had the opportunity to work with LOVETRIBE once again for this past weekends drum n bass special at Pacific Standard Tavern, Amen! Thank you to Felicia and the whole team over at Love Tribe for letting Ryan shoot another event!

Feat. DJ Abyde, Lenore Fauliso, TankTop NYC, Mizeyesis & Meszenjah aka OM OLAK over at Pacific Standard Tavern.

AMEN – CT DNB / March 2017 feat. JOHN B, Metafish, Dig Doug & The ART

Last night’s AMEN at Pacific Standard Tavern was on fire! The building was shaking, the bass was blasting, and the vibe was intense and overall awesome.

As always, thank you Love Tribe for letting Atomic Blue be part of your production!

Photography by Ryan Pagella.