The Mutant Ages – Wolverine & Sabretooth’s Sexy Wrestling

Are Wolverine and Sabretooth actually fighting? Or are they ex-boyfriends battling out their past grudges by having skin tight sexy wrestling matches on the X-Mansion floor? Only Ryan and Maddy know on the Mutant Ages!

Warcraft Valley – Episode 1 – Goliath the Gargoyle gets Married (And has some Kids)

Warcraft Valley – Episode 1 – Goliath the Gargoyle gets Married (And has some Kids)

Ryan and Katie welcome you to the wonderful world of their fanfiction universe that spanned over the decade of their teenage to young adult years – This is Warcraft Valley: A magical universe where talking anthropomorphic animals and aliens have unlimited magical powers. They also hang out with a bunch of copywrighted characters like the Gargoyles, X-Men, Avengers, Batman, Pokemon… You name it, they’re probably there. This is self-insert fanfiction, folks! And it’s full of teenage angst, sex, and plot holes. Characters are beat up on the regular and they mysteriously heal the next day.

Today we dive into the origin of the main character, Janet, a sassy talking wolf who gets hitched to Goliath from Disney’s Gargoyles and has some pretty weird mutant children.

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Gargoyles and X-Men CLASH in our upcoming Podcast!

What happens when Disney’s Gargoyles meets the X-Men? Tomorrow we are releasing the very first episode of our new podcast which focuses on just that — Massive self-insert fanfiction crossovers! Stay tuned tomorrow to learn more!

In the meantime, catch up in last week’s podcasts from Let’s Watch 2 Movies and The Mutant Ages, as they both recap Marvel related content — “Captain America: Civil War” and “The Unstoppable Juggernaut”!

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – Captain America: Civil War

Much like Batman v Superman, Captain America: Civil War feels stuck in 2016. Remember a year ago, when Steve Rogers’ mistrust of institutions made sense but it still seemed like he was taking it a bit too far? Now it’s 2017, and Maddy and Mary Ellen can totally see his side. We just want to run away with our brainwashed boyfriend Bucky and escape all of this.

This episode is long. Do we need to keep saying that? Anyway, tune in as Maddy spends way too much time talking about all the Avengers comics she has read, and Mary Ellen talks about the tiny personal moments in this film that make it more emotionally accessible than Batman v Superman.

Lastly, here’s the essay that Maddy mentions during an aside in the episode:…-death-civil-war/

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Ryan TV – ConnectiCon 2017 (Tape 13)

[New Vlog] Ryan returns to ConnectiCon to support the convention and see old friends! ConnectiCon is held annually in Hartford at the Connecticut Convention Center and runs parallel with Hartford’s River Fest. Both Maddy and Ryan used to work for this convention from 2008-2014, before Atomic Blue Productions and their current jobs. It’s a fun con worth checking out!

The Mutant Ages – The Unstoppable Juggernaut

This week on Maddy and Ryan’s X-Men: The Animated Series rewatch, we meet Colossus, from Russia! You know he’s from Russia because he just can’t stop telling us that. We also meet the Juggernaut, who is the actual focus of this episode, not that we want him to be. Wolverine and Jubilee become besties with a killer sense of teamwork, but aside from that, this episode is a real snooze. Let us recap it for you (with jokes) so that you don’t have to watch it yourself, hm?

Spotlight X-Men: Colossus

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Gifio7 – Mora’s Return: Fire Crystal (Part 2)

You’re all in for a treat today!

Gifio7 is a re-release of Maddy and Ryan’s very first podcast from many years ago. This was way before Insomniacs in the Morning, and possibly before Atomic Blue Productions existed as a production team. The quality of podcast is low, as it was recorded off of Skype. In this show, Ryan and Maddy re-read old science fiction stories that Ryan wrote as a 13-year-old, the stories being the predecessor to GENO. The concept of re-reading old stories and laughing at them eventually evolved into our Throwback Theater.

Please enjoy this bonus podcast, and laugh with Ryan and Maddy way back in the day!

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – Batman v Superman

In 2016, two superhero movies hit cinemas: one from DC and one from Marvel. Both featured ensemble casts and questions about how the government should legislate superpowers. We’re talking about Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Captain America: Civil War.

It’s only been a year, but these movies already feel dated as heck. First up, Maddy and Mary Ellen look at DC’s gritty take on Batman and Superman’s showdown, featuring too many dream sequences, ableist side plots, and spurious definitions of masculinity. We watched the Ultimate edition, which purports to make more sense than the theatrical cut, but we don’t see how. Next week: Civil War!

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Let’s Watch 2 Movies – Batman v Superman Teaser

Tomorrow: The struggle is real when Maddy and Mary Ellen take on Batman V Superman on Let’s Watch 2 Movies.

Ryan TV – Maddycation (Tape 12)

Maddy and Ryan take a vacation to Old Saybrook Point Inn! And don’t actually work for once. Okay, well they made this vlog, but does that really count?