The Mutant Ages – X-Men TAS: Enter Magneto

At last, Magneto has arrived to introduce some moral complexity to the world of X-Men: The Animated Series! Maddy liked this episode, but Ryan thought it needed another draft. The show writers went wild with the literary references this time, so get ready for some Shakespeare quotes. This week’s spotlight is on Magneto, who has a confusing and contradictory comic book history and is nonetheless one of Maddy and Ryan’s favorite mutants!

Ryan TV – Putting in Beach House Dock (Tape 3)

[New Vlog] Short video of Ryan’s adventure with Steph putting in the dock at a beach house. You won’t really see any of that because Ryan didn’t hit record at the end apparently, but you WILL see Steph punching the camera and Ryan eating the ground trying to use the rope swing. So those two things are note-worthy.

Ryan TV – Amen CT Drum n Bass – April 2017 (Tape 2)

Last weekend, Ryan pulled back to back to shoots. The night after Infected Mushroom was the AMEN CT drum n bass night in New Haven at Pacific Standard Tavern for LOVETRIBE. Ryan was definitely tired from the night beforehand and it reflects in everyone’s eyes in this video. It was also a small show, due to the rain and being the day before Easter. Don’t worry, Lyra is still the star for the first half of this video, splashing around at Hammonassett Beach. (Photo Thumbnail of Kalomo Jordan aka Meszenjah aka OM OLAK)

AMEN CT DnB – April 2017

We had the opportunity to work with LOVETRIBE once again for this past weekends drum n bass special at Pacific Standard Tavern, Amen! Thank you to Felicia and the whole team over at Love Tribe for letting Ryan shoot another event!

Feat. DJ Abyde, Lenore Fauliso, TankTop NYC, Mizeyesis & Meszenjah aka OM OLAK over at Pacific Standard Tavern.

Infected Mushroom at Webster Theater (Tape 1)

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Let’s Watch Two Movies – Ex Machina

It’s been a while since Maddy and Mary Ellen got to watch a movie they actually enjoyed, huh? This week, our co-hosts compare The VVitch with Ex Machina, Alex Garland’s thriller about robots, consciousness, and gender roles. Plus there’s that great scene where Oscar Isaac and Sonoya Mizuno dance around. During the episode, Maddy shouts out this essay by J.A. Micheline about the movie’s themes, which contains a lot of spoilers (much like this episode):

Ex Machina: A (White) Feminist Parable for Our Time

The Mutant Ages – Night of the Sentinels (Part 2)

X-Men: The Animated Series gets real heavy in the second episode, because our heroes lose one of their own. Ahh, Morph, we hardly knew you! Ryan and Maddy do a spotlight on Morph’s comic book history, and then, analyze whether or not Wolverine and Morph were dating. Because we ask the important questions on The Mutant Ages.

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – The vvitch

Episode 13 seems like an appropriate time to watch something spooooookyyyy. How about The Witch (usually styled as The VVitch), a horror movie often hailed as a feminist masterpiece? Unfortunately, Mary Ellen and Maddy aren’t sure that interpretation of the movie holds up on scrutiny, but this movie still has some great performances. Especially from Black Phillip. Oh, also, this was our first long-distance recording, so it’s not as high-quality as it could be, but next week it’ll sound a lot better because we figured out a better way to do it. Next week: EX MACHINA!

A Little Patreon Update

We posted a little update on what’s going on at Atomic Blue Productions over on Patreon!

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Let’s Watch 2 Movies vs. The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is all about the police. Maddy and Mary Ellen have some thoughts about what could be going through the Gotham PD’s minds as they watch Harvey Dent turn himself in. If you want to hear more, check out their podcast Let’s Watch 2 Movies – specifically, their episode about The Dark Knight.

Featuring art by Caroline Ramsey