Ryan TV – Shopping with Elena at Evergreen Walk (Tape 28)

It’s not quite Black Friday yet…

But Ryan and his friend, Elena, take to the shops at Evergreen Walk in Manchester, Connecticut, on an ice cream sugar rush. It’s the only way to shop.

The Mutant Ages – Til Death Due Us Part (Part 2)

Welcome to the Mr. Sinister Show! Mwahahhaa!! Maddy and Ryan have a villain-packed episode for you this week. The second episode of season 2 of X-Men: The Animated Series is all about our favorite campy villain and his henchman, who call themselves The Nasty Boys. This episode has some serious moments, but it’s mostly goofy and delightful — and the queer subtext is barely subtext at this point. It’s just text.

X-MEN SPOTLIGHT: The Nasty Boys!

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Ryan Snaps

Ryan Snaps is a compilation of Ryan’s hyperactive Snapchat videos from 2015, all in one place, all full of screaming.

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Sailor Moon

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Sailor Moon

How does one even explain Sailor Moon?

A bunch of High School girls find out they are secretly Sailor Soldiers representing other planets, and they need to fight with their magical elemental powers for their princess who is now on Earth falling down a lot and chatting with her talking cats.

That should sum it up accurately.

But seriously, Sailor Moon was one of the first steps for anime to become so prominent in the USA and across the globe. It was rare to have a cartoon that featured an exclusively all female cast of bad ass warriors. It’s not a surprise that so many people resonated with this show.

When they were much younger, Ryan had Katie tape him actual episodes of the show on VHS when they would air on Cartoon Network. For a short time, in was on basic TV channels, but then it became increasingly hard to find unless you dropped $20 on a VHS tape.

And of course, we all had our own Sailor Scouts to represent us. Maddy was Sailor Mars and Ryan was… Sailor Little Dipper? What the hell??

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – E.T.

Maddy and Mary Ellen revisit their shared childhood nightmare, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, a movie so popular that it demolished The Thing’s chances at success. Maddy explains why the alt-universe 1982 version of herself would have preferred E.T. to The Thing, whereas Mary Ellen’s alt-universe 1982 self didn’t see either movie. Our 2017 selves have now seen both of these movies, and while we understand why audiences didn’t care for The Thing, we still don’t get why E.T. became a massive cultural phenomenon. Also, we talk about Stranger Things a lot in this episode, which seems only fitting for our The Thing/E.T. pairing, given the widespread influences that these two movies have had on pop culture to this day.

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E.T. pod home…

E.T. pod home — TOMORROW.

Ryan TV – Natural Living Expo & Adventures with Katie (Tape 27)

Guess who walked into the door at Target?

Well, we all know it was Ryan. Walking into things is his life calling.

BUT he also attended the Natural Living Expo in Marlborough, Massachusetts, for work which gave him the opportunity to hang with co-podcaster Katie!

AND we have behind the scenes footage of Warcraft Valley in this very vlog! This one right here.

Warcraft Valley – Episode 3 – Here Come the X-Men!

The time has come… The X-Men are here!

Well. Some of them at least.

As we dive further into Katie and Ryan’s fanfiction universe they wrote as teenagers, we meet the X-Men. This is the start of a long landslide of Warcraft Valley becoming mostly an X-Men fanfiction intertwining with other universes. All of the women are in charge, and all of the men cry and have relationships with each other. In this, Wolverine gets sick “for the first time” and sobs about it, Goliath gets a procedure below the belt that takes up at least 5 pages, Cyclops is into some weird kinky stuff with Jean behind closed doors, and Poochy’s a doctor who refuses to give any actual diagnoses or is useful in any kind of way.

There are marriages, life or death situations, cameos by characters who may have been made up on the spot, renaissance fairs, and lots of gruff men crying.

Welcome back to Warcraft Valley!

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The Mutant Ages – X-Men TAS: Til Death Due Us Part (Part 1)

Maddy and Ryan return to X-Men: The Animated Series for the premiere of the second season, a strong episode that walks the line between serious political commentary and goofy fun times. Guess what? Morph’s back, and he’s ready to play all sorts of mind games on the X-Men. Meanwhile, the Friends Of Humanity are also playing mind games on the X-Men, except that’s way less fun to watch.

X-MEN SPOTLIGHT: Mr. Sinister, the glam god of plot holes and sexy torture! At last, Marvel’s goofiest antagonist has arrived on the scene.

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Ryan TV – Spooky Spiderweed House & Justin’s Birthday (Tape 26)

Halloween may be over, but we’re keeping things spooky by exploring an old witch-looking house in the middle of the woods of the Spiderweed Preserve in Middletown, Connecticut.

Also, it is Justin’s Birthday and Jess/Justin Anniversary, who played the main killer and victim in Evidence of Evil THE CHAMBER, and they are both pretty scary too.