The Mutant Ages – X-Men: The Animated Series – X-Ternally Yours

THE TITHE! This episode isn’t called “The Tithe.” But it should be. Ryan and Maddy watched “X-Ternally Yours,” an X-Men: The Animated Series episode that tells us Gambit’s backstory, but it doesn’t make any sense. It’s hilarious, though, and who doesn’t enjoy hearing voice actors with their best (worst) approximation of Cajun accents telling you about the tithe? You’ll never find out what the tithe actually is, but we make our best guesses.

X-Men Spotlight: GAMBIT, that slippery Cajun and longtime fling of Wolverine!

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Saturday Morning Cartoons – Tiny Toons

Saturday Morning Cartoon: Tiny Toons

What a good time to talk about Tiny Toons! The series just dropped onto Hulu, so if you are subscribed to the streaming service, you can watch the ENTIRE SERIES and all of the accompanying films.

This show was one of Ryan’s favorite cartoons as a kid. He collected the toys, played the video games, and watched “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” countless times.

This show obviously had layers to it. Kids could watch it, but adults could enjoy it too. We often reference Animaniacs for being smart and making some pretty intense politic statements, so does Tiny Toons hold up to that? Yes, but in a totally different way.

Tiny Toons also is making a statement, but it’s not politics. This cartoon is making statements about stereotypes within genres, Hollywood, fame and icons of our childhood. It’s also a cartoon where all of the characters are self-aware that they are IN a cartoon. The pilot of the episode involves Buster and Babs being drawn to life, then being discarded as an idea, so they take it upon themselves to take all of the discarded ideas and throw them into their own cartoon.

Each episode has the characters arguing about their salaries to be on the show, shit-talking the other characters when they think the camera isn’t on, and introducing the next stereotypical plot device of the story. It’s really good. Like… REALLY good.

In retrospect, Tiny Toons greatly influenced Ryan as a writer in the long run. It wasn’t until rewatching the show that he had the epiphany that he subconsciously taken cues of self-aware story-telling from Tiny Toons a kid.

This is a big recommendation, folks. Go watch Tiny Toons. IT’S GOOD.


Ryan TV – Mall Time with Katie (Tape 33)

It’s not a secret that Ryan and Katie are mallrats.

On his way up to Arisia for the weekend, Ryan stopped by Natick to have dinner with his family and go shopping with Katie. As the adults that they are, they bought mostly toys, but that’s what makes these trips so fun!

Arisia 2018!

Maddy and Ryan attended Arisia, Inc. at the Boston Westin Waterfront Hotel this past weekend. They had the opportunity to speak on a variety of panels including about the X-Men, Legion, MCU, stage make-up and video games.

This was honestly a great and fun convention! We recommend it if you are looking for some interesting programming and a place with very chill vibes.

Also featured in this video is a tour of Maddy’s apartment, dinner at Legal Seafood Test Kitchen with Katie, a slumber party with Jungle 2 Jungle, getting lost at Logan Airport (A place they didn’t need to go), and Maddy dropping her sunglasses.

The Mutant Ages – Meet the Flintstones

Remember that time Maddy couldn’t get over Fred Flintstone in the background of X-Men: The Animated Series?

Well, we put this together so you can also be baffled by this strange costume party.

Listen to the whole episode of the Mutant Ages on Sound Cloud!

Arisia 2018 — Thank You!

We had a blast at Arisia, Inc. this past weekend!

Thank you for having us speak on multiple panels. We love to share our extensive knowledge of the X-Men and MCU.

Also, huge shout out to the panelist green room — This was very cool! More conventions should be doing this.

Stay tuned later this week for our official footage from Arisia!

Arisia Programming Line Up!

All right, everyone — Arisia is here and both Maddy and Ryan from the Mutant Ages will be speaking on a handful of panels this weekend — Including two about the X-Men!

We hope you attend and check out these and other great panels!

Tickets for Arisia are available at

See below for the schedule:


8:30 pm – Queer Representation in Visual Novels – Maddy



1:00 pm — Legion: Mutants, Mayhem and Mental Illness – Maddy & Ryan (The Mutant Ages!)

2:30 pm — Basic Stage Make-Up – Ryan



1:00 PM — Marvel Cinematic and TV Universe, 2017 Edition – Ryan

2:30 pm — Children of the Atom: X-Men and Representation – Maddy & Ryan (The Mutant Ages!)

7:00 pm — Dealing with Day-to-Day Isms in Game Culture – Maddy

Meet the Mutant Ages Hosts THIS WEEKEND!

Come meet the hosts of THE MUTANT AGES, Maddy and Ryan! 

Hang with them and chat about the X-Men on Saturday, January 13th, from 4:30-5:30 PM EST at the Starbucks at 601 Congress Street in Boston!

Ryan TV – Chilling at Crystal Bees (Tape 32)

What do you when it’s -7 degrees outside?

Go to a bowling alley/arcade/bar and do the cha cha slide, of course.

Ryan goes to Crystal Bees in Southington, despite the below freezing weather, to meet up with some of the Evidence of Evil crew and to support their favorite bartender!

The Mutant Ages – X-Men: The Animated Series – Repo Man

This week’s episode of X-Men: The Animated Series is all about Wolverine, so we can’t help but like it, even though it’s not THAT good. But Ryan did own a copy of it on VHS as a young boy, so that’s important to note. (Maddy didn’t, which is very sad.) Anyway, this episode is called “Repo Man,” and it’s all about Logan’s exes trying to repossess him. In other words, it’s about Alpha Flight, which is the Canadian superhero team that got created to give Logan a backstory.

X-Men Spotlight: Heather Hudson! But also, a summary of Alpha Flight’s powers and history.

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