Ryan TV – Vacation in Niantic, CT (Tape 22)

At the beginning of September, Ryan and Katie (And Lyra) joined a small group of friends down in Niantic, Connecticut, for a vacation right on the ocean.

This was their second year in this vacation spot, so they spiced things up with daily scavenger hunts and a fire pit out on the dock, where they roasted all kinds of food. The first couple of days were rainy and cloudy, but luckily they were equipped with puzzles, games and movies.

Another vacation, another Ryan and Katie adventure!

Saturday Morning Cartoons – Duck Tales

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Duck Tales! (Woo-oo)

It’s not a surprise that Duck Tales made it onto our list of Saturday Morning Cartoon favorites. This show is in the hearts of every kid from 1990 — Not to mention the theme song that EVERYONE sings upon hearing the words “Duck Tales”. This cartoon was THE favorite of Katie, who is our production assistant and co-hosts the podcast, Warcraft Valley. She has more Scrooge McDuck merchandise than anyone we know!

The show focused on Donald’s three nephews, who he left in the care of their Uncle Scrooge, as Donald left to join the navy. The kids live in their uncles huge mansion and go on crazy treasure hunting adventures with him. Oh, and everyone who watched this show wanted to jump into Scrooge’s money bank full of gold coins and jewels.

This cartoon was so popular that it merited characters appearing in spin-off shows, and had multiple videogames and comic books released while it was in syndication. The show was recently rebooted for 2017, and honestly? That adaption is also wildly fantastic.

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – 1 Year Anniversary!

One year ago today, Maddy and Mary Ellen put out the very first episode of Let’s Watch 2 Movies, a movie review show that brings the comedy to comparative film studies. Both Maddy and Mary Ellen are very proud of the show they’ve made together, which has resulted in 58 hours, 30 minutes, and 22 seconds of awesome movie analysis. (Oh, and 7 hours of that? JUST spent on Mad Max: Fury Road. No regrets.)

Thanks to all of our fans for supporting the show! If you’ve never checked it out before, why not give the pilot episode a try?

The Mutant Ages – Let’s Watch 2 Movies Cross Over – X-Men (2000)

The Mutant Ages delve into a live-action adaptation for the first time, and they also have their very first guest: Mary Ellen from Let’s Watch 2 Movies, the other podcast that Maddy co-hosts at Atomic Blue Productions! Welcome, LW2M fans, to a show that discusses queer subtext in the X-Men and also tries to turn that subtext into text at every turn.

We hope you all enjoy this visitation of Maddy and Ryan’s teenage years, including a rundown of all the WAV files Maddy had of voice lines from this movie, the mall food court where Ryan first saw the X-Men movie trailer, and Mary Ellen feigning interest in Marvel minutiae. If you enjoy this episode, consider listening to Let’s Watch 2 Movies (@letswatchtwomovies).

E-mail us your feedback at themutantages@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter at TheMutantAges, MIDImyers and RyanPagella

Retro World Expo (2017)

Maddy and Ryan had the opportunity to attend Retro World Expo in Hartford, Connecticut, held at the Connecticut Convention Center.

Retro World Expo is a video game related expo held annually in Connecticut. While they focus primarily on everything “retro”, which includes both games and collectibles, they had wide array of modern and tabletop gaming as well.

We got to the Connecticut Convention Center around noon, a place that we both knew well from our years working at a convention in the same location, and still managed to start the day off by getting lost in the parking garage. To be fair, it’s a confusing garage with multiple levels and stairs that only led down to the first level. When they finally arrived to the convention, they were immediately hit with a vibe that made them feel relaxed. It’s not a normal occasion where a person can walk into a convention completely calm. Often times, we are excited or anxious about a show we are doing or a panel we want to see. And despite us working as Atomic Blue, we were immediately greeted by such a chill vibe. This is the tone Retro World Expo sets — Relax and enjoy your stay.

Ryan was pleasantly surprised to find himself greeted by some familiar faces who he had worked with at past conventions, including the operations manager. It had become an opportunity to catch up! After picking up our press badges, which was the easiest badge pick-up we have ever experienced, we entered the showroom floor. Upon entering, the first section was the dealer’s room on the left and guests on the right. Some guests included the Gaming Historian, Pat Contri, and Daniel Pesina who played Johnny Cage in the original Mortal Kombat games. The dealer’s room was mostly booths selling retro games, action figures, and magazines. It was a nice breath of fresh air! Often times we go to conventions which are filled with dealers who are selling modern toys or games at jacked up prices, even though online sellers like Amazon have the same items listed at a regular price. This dealers room was treated more like a flea market, which was far more interesting to both of us, and we both actually bought things! That’s unusual for us at a convention. There were still seller’s with prices that were a little too high, but for the most part, everything was actually reasonable and within a price range that wouldn’t break someones wallet.

As we exited the dealer’s room, we found ourselves directly in console gaming where tables upon tables were set up with old box TVs running retro games. Behind them were modern gamers competing in Smash tournaments, both old and new. In the center of it all was a small stage set up where an announcer was pumping everyone up for the tournaments. We landed in the kids section first, where we played games like Pokemon Snap, Kirby’s Epic Yarn, and Bubble Bobble.

Then we hit the best part of the convention — The freeplay arcade.

At first, Ryan thought they would never make it on a machine — But as it turned out, there were SO MANY to choose from, there was plenty of room to play. This was also one of the first cons we had attended where groups of players would play a game, and then move onto the next one fairly quickly, respecting other players. We found ourselves on mostly fighter arcade cabinets such as Street Fighter, Killer Instinct, and Power Stone. As people who grew up in the age of arcades, the wave of nostalgia made us all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Ryan even found pinball machines to play, which was hard to tear him away from after several minutes.

The best part of the arcade section was the full X-Men Arcade game that sat in the center of the arcade. This was a staple to anyone who grew up between the late 80’s and early 90’s. As most of you know, we are obsessed with the X-Men. We have a whole podcast dedicated to it, the Mutant Ages. So we were on it in seconds. Ryan jumped right onto Dazzler and Maddy grabbed the control stick for Storm. Shortly after, we were joined by 4 other people who played through the entire game with us. We all laughed and made jokes about how we were all secretly Wolverine. It was honestly one of the better times we spent at a convention, playing games with new players.

The convention also featured a series of panels, which we only got a glimpse of because we lost so many hours on the console games and freeplay arcade machines. There was an after hours party, which we were bummed we couldn’t attend because we had a conflicting shoot scheduled for the end of the day. Next year, that is on our list of things to do!

Retro World Convention is honestly one of the best conventions we’ve attended in a long time. The staff communicates well with both us and each other, answering our questions without hesitation! They set the bar high for what not only a retro convention should be, but also what a gaming convention should be. We will absolutely be back next year!

Ryan TV – Friday the 13th Special at Evidence of Evil

“Come, dear. It’ll be easier for you than it was for Jason.”

This past weekend, Evidence of Evil held a special edition Friday the 13th version of the THE CHAMBER at Crystal Bees. The Chamber is a haunted house spliced with an escape room. The participants have 5 minutes to escape the room before the killer comes back for all of them.

In this edition, the killer was replaced by Jason Vorhees (With Pamela at the bar outside), the victims became campers, and they were joined by a happy-go-lucky camp counselor who didn’t seem at all worried about the sound of screams or the chainsaw from the woods.

Ryan works for Evidence of Evil in many different assets, and he takes us behind the scenes of this horrific escape room!

The Mutant Ages – X-Men 2000 Announcement!

We have a very special episode of The Mutant Ages coming out this Thursday – Maddy and Ryan review X-Men (2000) with guest star Mary Ellen, from Let’s Watch 2 Movies!

We are going to RetroWorld Expo 2017!

We will be at RetroWorld Expo this weekend! Ryan and Maddy will be shooting photo, video and vlogs!

RetroWorld is a video game related expo held annually in Connecticut. It is a celebration of Classic and Retro Video Gaming that also embraces Tabletop Gaming, Modern Video Gaming, Homebrew Gaming, Anime, Action Figures, Comic Books, Cosplay, Arcade Machines, and much more.

We hope to see you there!

Throwback Theater – 007: The Galaxy is not Enough


This is a sci-fi version of 007, but IN SPACE. Also, featuring a bunch of the characters from GENO, so basically it’s a self-insert fanfic producing a movie? It’s a complicated.

This script was written by a 13-year-old Ryan. It’s pretty clever and self-aware for a fan script written by a 13-year-old.

Ryan TV – The Chamber – Weekend 2 (Tape 20)

We got spooky inside of Evidence of Evil‘s second weekend of THE CHAMBER, a haunted escape room!