The Mutant Ages – The Archangel Monologues


This excerpt is from a piece we call “The Archangel Monologues”, performed by Maddy and Ryan on their podcast, the Mutant Ages.

Archangel is a fallen death angel, an empty shell of who he was. We know because we read his online blog.

Ryan TV – Heady September 2017 (Tape 16)

Get ready for some feel good vibes!

Ryan goes behind-the-scenes in his vlog of September’s HEADY event by Awake Productions at Pacific Standard Tavern in New Haven, Connecticut! Heady is a monthly event where nightlife meets community. Every first Saturday of the month, Mizeyesis, Love Tribe and Awake Productions brings HEADY to Pacific Standard Tavern.

The Mutant Ages – X-Men: The Animated Series – Days of Future Past (Part 2)

Who’s the TRAITOR? Senator Kelly is DEAD! (Sort Of)

Ryan and Maddy check out the second half of X-Men: The Animated Series’ adaptation of Days of Future Past, and it’s a lot stronger than Part 1. This episode smooths over the rough edges of Bishop and Wolverine’s future together, plus it solidifies the threesome between Bishop, Wolverine and Gambit. And by “solidifies,” we mean, “it’s not canon, but come on. Just watch that poker scene!”

Anyway, this episode manages to juggle its many plot-lines and characters with ease. The only part we don’t like is the Blob. We talked about his portrayal in Pryde of the X-Men, and we don’t like it here either.

X-Men Spotlight: Senator Kelly

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We are on vacation!

There will be no new releases this week. We will be back with a new Mutant Ages on September 12th!

Gifio7 – Episode 2 – Space Crash

Gifio7 is a re-release of Maddy and Ryan’s very first podcast from many years ago. This was way before Insomniacs in the Morning, and possibly before Atomic Blue Productions existed as a production team. The quality of the podcast is low, as it was recorded off of Skype. In this show, Ryan and Maddy re-read old science fiction stories that Ryan wrote as a 13-year-old, the stories being the predecessor to GENO. The concept of re-reading old stories and laughing at them eventually evolved into our Throwback Theater.

This episode picks up where the last one left off. Our heroes, if you can call them that, are speeding toward another space ship and preparing for impact. Things are about to get even weirder, as one of the aliens has the power to summon a terrifying rainbow man. We’re still unsure of what or who that is, but it’s a thing.

Please enjoy this bonus podcast, and laugh with Ryan and Maddy way back in the day!

Ryan TV – NYC Trip 2015 (Tape RW-5)

We bring the nerdy shopping spree to NYC!

Ryan and Katie take to the streets (and stores) of NYC, a place of significance to their teenage stories now being read on their podcast, Warcraft Valley. It’s mostly toy stores, running across streets, and a terrifying Elsa in Times Square trying to take their souls.

The Mutant Ages – X-Men TAS: Days of Future Past (Part 1)

This week, Maddy and Ryan watch Part 1 of X-Men: The Animated Series’ adaptation of Days of Future Past, and we get amped up about Wolverine’s butt. Even more than usual. You know who else is amped about Wolverine’s butt? Bishop! According to us.

The X-Men: TAS adaptation of Days of Future Past moves fast and takes some shortcuts through comic book canon. In this episode, Bishop acts like a total jerk and makes a bunch of impulsive mistakes, but is that really so different from his comic book incarnation? Ryan says no. Maddy ends up agreeing, but at the end of the episode, she still makes the case that Bishop has potential as a character and deserves more. More of Wolverine’s butt! But also better-written stories, and maybe even one of those Netflix shows or something.

X-Men Spotlight: Bishop

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – 25th Episode Q&A Extravaganza!

For the first time in the history of this podcast, Maddy and Mary Ellen will NOT be discussing a movie (let alone two movies) in this week’s episode. In honor of their 25th episode, they dive into a Q&A with the show’s listeners, with one another, and with one of the podcast’s most notable detractors: Mary Ellen’s father. Strap in for never-before-revealed details about the actual name we wanted to call our podcast, the other movie podcast that we’ve had a secret beef with this entire time, plus a ton of movie recommendations, shout-outs to everyone ever, stories about bad first dates, and more personal information than your co-hosts have ever shared about themselves on this show before.

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Warcraft Valley – Episode 2 – Goliath gets really sick & Brooklyn goes to SPACE

As our story continues in this wonderful self-insert fanfiction universe, Janet Wolf’s husband, Goliath the Gargoyle, falls incredibly ill to a bunch of detrimental diseases. We don’t really know the specifics, but according to this story, they’re BAD. Can Goliath survive the author’s torturous hands? Probably not, because there are two major characters deaths just casually written in passing. It’s up to Dr. Poochy to find some sci-fi super-spy SPACE MEDICINE to heal everyone, and he’s taking Brooklyn along for a ride (Double entendre intended).

This story also recaps the lost “Poochy’s Story” which tells of his origin and why Ryan’s character from GENO is even in this universe.

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Ryan TV – Zombie Take Over Bluefish Baseball Game (Tape RW-4)

Zombies invade a baseball game!

Enjoy this throwback to 2014 when Ryan and Felicia created a bunch of zombies to take over a Bluefish Baseball game as part of a promotion.

Also, featuring cameos by Mary Ellen and a shaky camera!