Saturday Morning Cartoons: Flintstone Kids

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Flintstone Kids

In the 80’s, we went through a phase where popular children’s series got a “kid” version of the show, such as the Muppet Babies. The Flintstones also got a taste of this!

This show was one of Ryan’s favorites as a kid, as were many weird shows of the 80’s. The format of the show didn’t differ too much from the original Flintstones, except that it contradicted the actual continuity in which Fred and Barney didn’t meet until they were adults.

Travel back to 1986 with us in today’s Saturday Morning Cartoon throwback!

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – Die Hard

Well, the weather outside is frightful, and Maddy and Mary Ellen have chosen two appropriately Christmas-y movies in honor of December: Die Hard and Love Actually!

Our co-hosts managed to enjoy Die Hard even though we hate cops, which should serve as an indicator of how good this movie is. We still take plenty of moments to point out this movie’s outdated views on gender, race, and police overreach. Also, remember when people really hated journalists? Good thing those attitudes got left back in 1988! Lastly, it turns out that Bruce Willis is a great actor. Who knew?

Next week: Love Actually, a Christmas movie that also has Alan Rickman in it!!!

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Ryan TV – Trans-Siberian Orchestra & Silver Lights Show 2015 (Tape RW-9)

This video has never been online before!

The final episode of the DrYoshi Show was never uploaded before the vlog came to an end. In celebration of the holiday spirit, we decided to revisit this 2 years later and release it on our channel!

In this, Ryan and Katie reunite for another Trans-Siberian Orchestra show, although it’s a little bit more frantic because Ryan locks his keys in the car at Mohegan Sun. Luckily, their mutual friend and old co-vlogger, Courtney, comes to spread some holiday cheer and they go to see the Silver Lights in Meriden, Connecticut!

Ryan TV – Trans-Siberian Orchestra 2014 (Tape RW-8)

In the spirit of the holiday season, we revisited our trip to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra at Mohegan Sun!

Ryan and Katie have been long-time fans of TSO, and have seen it annually for years — And Katie has seen it even more times than that, if you can even believe it.

This vlog is a re-upload from 2014, when Katie and Ryan saw the show together again. It was a great weekend and makes them feel warm and fuzzy inside every time they watch the video, so we thought we would share that holiday spirit with you this year!

We will be at Arisia 2018!

We will be at Arisia 2018!

Maddy and Ryan will be at Arisia 2018 from January 12th-15th speaking on panels about the X-Men!

Maddy will be also speaking on panels about videogames, and Ryan will be speaking about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and stage make-up.

Additionally, they will be announcing meet up times in January for anyone in the area who would like attend!

To learn more about Arisia, please visit:

The Mutant Ages – Whatever It Takes

Sometimes, X-Men: The Animated Series is packed with prescient political allegories. And sometimes… it’s not.

The third episode of the show’s second season isn’t political and it’s not even accurate to the comic books. In spite of that, we enjoyed the heck out of it. This week, Maddy and Ryan cover Storm’s manufactured backstory in X-Men: TAS, as well as her canonical backstory from the comic books, and the various retcons involved. Since there’s almost no politics to discuss this week, we spend that time talking about our favorite black female heroines of the ’70s and ’80s Marvel era (Misty Knight and Monica Rambeau) and, later, detail our frustrations with the current state of the live-action adaptations of the X-Men and the MCU. Sooo, strap in for that rant!

Also, we have a special announcement: We will be at Arisia 2018, speaking on panels about the X-Men, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, videogames and horror make-up!

X-Men Spotlight: Storm!!!

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Saturday Morning Cartoons: Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers

Saturday Morning Cartoons: Chip ‘n Dale: Resue Rangers

This cartoon was a staple of Katie’s childhood and had the second most catchy theme since Duck Tales.

Released in 1989, it took the classic Disney cartoon characters, Chip and Dale, and converted them from backyard agents of chaos to witty detectives. They were pint-sized detectives who dealt with cases that were “too small” for regular police to handle, as well as cases made by other animal clients.

They were joined by Monterey Jack, Zipper and most importantly — Gadget. The effect Gadget had on audiences at that time is still reflective in the people who grow up with this show. Gadget was not only a female action hero, but she was also brilliant. It’s not a surprise that you see adults at conventions frequently cosplaying their childhood favorite, Gadget, because kids aspired to BE her in the early 90’s.

Often times after they took a case, they faced up against the tabby cat gang leader, Fat Cat, and mad scientist, Norton Nimnul.

If you haven’t watched this show, then it’s worth going back and watching. It’s right up there with Duck Tales, Darkwing Duck and Tale Spin.

Ryan Snaps 2

He’s back…

Ryan is back in this sequel to his Snapchat compilations, now from 2016-2017!

It is a dishes banging, food throwing, car yelling adventure.

Are you ready?

Ryan TV – Thanksgiving & LTJ Bukem (Tape 29)

Ryan’s LTJ Bukem & Thanksgiving vlog is here!

This past weekend, Ryan had the opportunity to shoot photo for the LTJ Bukem show in New Haven, Connecticut, at Pacific Standard Tavern. Thank you to AWAKE productions for letting us be part of this event!

Also, this vlog features a lot of beautiful New England hikes with Ryan and his hiking buddy/dog, Lyra.

Then of course Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping to ring in the holidays!

The Mutant Ages – Mr. Sinister & The Nasty Boyz

Introducing Sinister… MISTER Sinister.

AND his personal boy band “The Nasty Boyz”

Performing now at the Sinister Night Club.

Listen to the full episode here!