The Mutant Ages – X-Men: The Animated Series – Captive Hearts

Finally, Storm gets to be in charge of the X-Men’s new mission in “Captive Hearts.” But first, she’ll have to endure Professor X being a huge jerk to her about her PTSD, to Maddy and Ryan’s chagrin. Is Professor X ever going to stop treating the X-Men like crap? Seriously, it’s like he can’t even hear us shouting at him through the screen! Anyway, this episode is all about the Morlocks, an “unsightly” band of mutants living in the New York City subway tunnels. They’re led by the nefarious and predatory Callisto, who kidnaps Cyclops and tries to make him her sex slave. This is a kids’ show, somehow.

Spotlight X-Men: Callisto

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Ryan TV – Birthday & Alien: Covenant Review feat. Mary Ellen (Tape 6)

[New Vlog] It’s Mary Ellen sister’s birthday — Happy Birthday, Caroline!! Also, Mary Ellen and Ryan hit up the movies for some Alien: Covenant Fassbender on Fassbender action. Plus, fidget spinners.

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – Hard Candy

Maddy and Mary Ellen wrap up their misandrist pairing of Gone Girl and Hard Candy by reminding everyone that Ellen Page is a great actress. Content warning for, like, every single thing in this movie though. If you don’t think you can handle watching a story about pedophilia, rape, torture, murder, emotional manipulation, and [list goes on indefinitely], then feel free to enjoy our detailed recap and analysis of the film… as well as our take on how the real protagonist of Hard Candy is that one Nighthawks cafe worker. What a twist!

The Mutant Ages – Pryde of the X-Men – Emma Frost & Kitty Pryde Intros

Pryde of the X-Men is a pilot for a 1989 TV series that was not picked up (I wonder why). It is full of ridiculous voice acting, plot holes, bad writing and animations of superpowers none of the X-Men actually have. Here is Emma Frost’s 20 second appearance, and the introduction of Kitty Pryde. Find more on our X-Men Podcast THE MUTANT AGES on Sound Cloud and iTunes!

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LW2M – Hard Candy is coming…

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Let’s Watch 2 Movies – Gone Girl

Complicated female villains? That’s our shit! Gone Girl and Hard Candy have been controversial with critics, but not so much with us… although we can certainly understand why these movies weren’t a hit with everyone. Maddy and Mary Ellen kick off the pairing with a deep dive into Gone Girl, gender roles, marriage stereotypes, and the scourge of spermjacking that’s haunted our society for generations.

The Mutant Ages – X-Men: The Animated Series – Deadly Reunions

Professor X is a jerk. Ryan and Maddy keep telling you that, but in this episode, it’s really astounding how much of a jerk he is! We’ve reached X-Men: The Animated Series’ fourth episode, “Deadly Reunions,” in which two pairs of boyfriends get reunited: Xavier and Magneto, plus Wolverine and Sabretooth. Except there’s one little problem with shipping Sabretooth and Wolverine: it might be incest, depending on varying comic book canons. Oof. Anyway, we’ll tell you all about it on this week’s THE MUTANT AGES!

One Week from Today: Gone Girl

ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! Let’s Watch 2 Movies tackles the sleek psychological thriller GONE GIRL with Maddy & Mary Ellen. You will be able to find it over on their Sound Cloud & iTunes!

Ryan TV – Summer-izing Beach House (Tape 5)

[New Vlog] Ryan hit up his neighbor’s beach house to help get it ready for the summer, which meant more relaxation for him and Lyra!

Ryan TV – Dave & Busters + Buffalo Wild Wings (Tape 4)

-New Vlog- Last Friday, Ryan hit up Dave & Busters + B Dubs. The giant Sock Em Boppers game you see below is way more lame than it looks. But there is some footage of the Luigi’s Mansion arcade, which we didn’t even know was a game. We won some nerdy prizes, so that’s cool. Also feat. Lyra swimming in the river, because she’s the real star here.