Ryan TV – Hiking Rocky Narrows

[New Vlog] Ryan visited his friends and family up in Massachusetts! Maddy and crew go hiking at the Rocky Narrows in Sherborn, MA, where they casually hike along some New England cliffsides.

The Mutant Ages – Xavier & Magneto’s Backstory

In this clip from Maddy and Ryan’s podcast, the Mutant Ages, Xavier reveals his secret backstory with Magneto, where they role-played being doctors, until they revealed to each other “their powers”.

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Throwback Theater: A Star Wars Fanfiction

In a living room far, far away… Two best friends unearth a Star Wars fanfiction where Han Solo is in danger once again, and it’s up to an original character named “Ryan” to save him!

Maddy and Ryan read this quality Star Wars fanfiction (really a summary of a NEW trilogy) written by a 10-year-old Ryan. It features the usual crowd, then plus some odd ones like Grand Mouth and mysterious Bobos. Also, Darth Vader came back to life.

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – Swiss Army Man

Swiss Army Man, also known as The Harry Potter Farting Corpse Movie, might seem like an unusual pairing for Mad Max: Fury Road. But this movie is also about a man lost in the wilderness seeking something to live for… or someone. And that someone is Mr. Harry Potter Farting Corpse. But seriously though, there’s a lot more to this movie than jokes about bodily functions. It’s also about death (mostly suicide), figuring out what it is to be alive, and falling in love. Maddy and Mary Ellen talked about this movie for three hours, so there’s gotta be something to it, right?

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Let’s Watch 2 Movies – Swiss Army Man Preview

TOMORROW. SWISS ARMY MAN. How did we manage to compare this wonderful, bizarre little film to action epic Mad Max: Fury Road? Just you wait!

The Mutant Ages – Slave Island

Maddy and Ryan discuss “Slave Island,” in which our X-Men: The Animated Series heroine Jubilee puts up with the worst vacation ever, thanks to Gambit. Storm also gets plenty of moments to shine in this episode, and she even gets a cute scene with her girlfriend Rogue. (According to the writers of the show, they’re not canonically dating, but they’re TOTALLY dating.) This episode also introduces us to Cable, everyone’s favorite bisexual time traveler. Maddy gets on a soapbox about the fact that Marvel won’t just let Cable and Deadpool date, so strap in for that.

Spotlight X-Men: Cable

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BLOOPERS – Resident Apartment 2: Sandwich Rap

The best part about producing a video is here: BLOOPERS!

Watch Maddy, Ryan, Katie and Ryan fail at their lines, drop a green screen and nearly break every prop in this blooper reel from Resident Apartment 2: Sandwich Rap!

Leon Kennedy shot from Resident Apartment 2

A hidden gem of a photo taken by our Camera Director, Katie, during Resident Apartment 2 of Ryan as Leon Kennedy. You can see the 80’s styled video over on YouTube at Atomic Blue Productions!

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – Mad Max: Fury Road, Part 3

At long last, Mary Ellen and Maddy have reached the end of their three-part meditation on the merits of Mad Max: Fury Road. Also, our apologies for Maddy’s audio quality lowering a bit for a brief section near the beginning of this episode. Thanks for your patience on that. Also for your patience regarding the fact that we just put out three episodes about only one movie.

In the conclusion of LW2M’s trio of Fury Road eps, Maddy and Mary Ellen discuss Max and Furiosa’s chemistry, the hero worship of dictators (both in fiction and the real world), George Miller’s criticism of machismo, the meaning behind the movie’s final title card, and the fact that Mad Max: Fury Road is good. It’s good! IT’S A GOOD MOVIE. We repeat that, several times, just to be sure you all got it.

Next week: Swiss Army Man!!

Ryan TV – ComiCONN 2017 (Tape 10)

Ryan attended ComiCONN 2017 at Foxwoods this past weekend and had a great time! The staff was super friendly and the convention was organized and fun — One of the best show floors/dealer’s rooms he’s seen! Thanks for the good time, ComiCONN — Rock on!!