Ryan TV – Weekend Adventure & Pokemon Party (Tape 15)

Friendship is magical.

Ryan hangs out with Katie and Caro, two friends of 20 years. Caro takes the camera at and sits in the passenger seat of Ryan’s car to film nonsense, just like old times. Then Katie and Ryan wind up at Target and Toys R Us, also like old times. Time passes, but some things never change.

Also, there is an ongoing Pokemon theme here, so some things really DO stay the same.

The Mutant Ages – FIXING X-Men: Apocalypse

What if X-Men: Apocalypse was actually GOOD?

Maddy and Ryan FIX the film “X-Men: Apocalypse” by re-writing the script into a tangible story with an actual plot.

Anyway hire us, Marvel.

Ryan TV – X-Men: Apocalypse Party 2016 (Tape RW-3)

Let’s throw a party for the APOCALYPSE.

The X-MEN Apocalypse!

Rewind to 2016, when Katie and Ryan hosted an X-Men themed party for X-Men: Apocalypse complete with decorations, figurines, and 95 degree weather. This re-upload brings together friends via the X-Men, with cameos of Mary Ellen, Ry T., and more!

The Mutant Ages – X-Men: The Animated Series – Come the Apocalypse

The “Come the Apocalypse” episode of X-Men: The Animated Series can’t possibly be canon. For starters, none of the X-Men remember Archangel, which contradicts future episodes. Meanwhile, Rogue and Mystique don’t recognize one another, either. In spite of this episode’s plot holes and multiple confusing fight scenes, Ryan and Maddy enjoyed it a lot… because they were laughing at it, not with it. If you want to see an episode of X-Men: TAS that deals with serious political themes, circle back to the episode previous to this one. “Come the Apocalypse” is just plain goofy.

X-Men Spotlight: Apocalypse

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Let’s Watch 2 Movies – The Final Girls

After last week’s foray through The Cabin In The Woods, Maddy and Mary Ellen settle in to compare it with The Final Girls, a 2015 meta horror movie that also features five increasingly self-aware teens… plus five other teens who are stock horror movie foils. The Final Girls keeps it simple by navigating the virgin/whore dichotomy, the inherent limitations of the “final girl” narrative, and not much else. Unlike The Cabin In The Woods, The Final Girls doesn’t bite off more than it can chew. It’s not Maddy and Mary Ellen’s favorite movie of all time, but our intrepid co-hosts still think this movie hangs together a bit better than The Cabin In The Woods did.

Oh… and please don’t get it mixed up with that other 2015 movie called Final Girl. That movie looks bad.

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – The Final Girls Teaser


Let’s Watch 2 Movies takes on The Final Girls.

Ryan TV – Southwick Zoo 2015 (Tape RW-2)

Have you pet a deer before?

This vlog is a throwback to 2015 when Katie and Ryan went to the Southwick’s Zoo, More than a Zoo in Mendon, Massachusetts. This a great zoo where all the animals live in open spaces and as close to their natural habitats as possible. The more notable section is the Deer Forest, where hundreds of deer walk up to people to eat feed and get some petting in while they’re at it. Also, this zoo has a ski lift called the “Skyfari” where both Ryan and Katie were afraid they would drop their cameras.

Enjoy this little throwback and if you have the chance, check out this great zoo!

The Mutant Ages – Professor Xavier is a JERK


Let Maddy and Ryan explain to you why, through this clip of the Mutant Ages!

Let’s Watch 2 Movies – Cabin in the Woods

Maddy and Mary Ellen watched The Cabin in the Woods, and they deem it to be… fine. The movie’s got a couple funny bits, a couple scary bits, and a couple satirical bits, but not quite enough of each of these to make this movie a comedy, a horror, or a satire. It’s kind of like this joke about the Black Eyed Peas from The Office (www.youtube.com/watch?v=AiI4lvRbLkU), which we refer to in the episode, for some reason.

We do realize this movie means a lot to people, though, so in spite of not quite seeing the appeal, we put on our analysis hats and talk about horror movie tropes and the larger metaphor in the film about Hollywood movie execs, directors, and the ancient beings (a.k.a. moviegoers) that allegedly strike fear in Hollywood’s heart.

Next week, we pair this movie with another meta-commentary on horror movies: The Final Girls!

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Let’s Watch 2 Movies – Cabin in the Woods (Promo)


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